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• 11/24/2018

Comment Section

On every wiki I've been on, there's a comment section on each page, but this one doesn't have any. Why is that, and can they be added?

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• 4/28/2018

Scholarship Edition

I can't find it on PS4 store.
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• 3/9/2018

Silent Patch released for Bully: Scholarship Edition (Windows 10 Fix)

Bully finally works on Windows 10 thanks to the Silent Patch. The patches made by silent for the 3D Universe GTA games (III, VC and SA) are highly regarded for increasing their compatibility on modern systems. Finally Bully gets the same treatment. I managed to complete Chapter II today after abandoning the game a few months ago due to the crashes on Win 10.

Direct Link - https://github.com/CookiePLMonster/SilentPatchBully/releases

SWEGTA's YouTube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k1QS9DNsJlY
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• 1/28/2018

Bully Let's Play

Hi guys! New poster here. I'm currently doing an LP of Bully: Scholarship Edition. It's a brand-new channel and I'd appreciate the traffic, so come check it out!
Let's Play Bully: Scholarship Edition - Part 1
Let's Play Bully: Scholarship Edition - Part 1 YouTube
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• 1/5/2018

Bully SE Crashes in Windows 10

I wonder if anyone posted it yet, but I am really confused with Bully SE always crashes 10 minutes (or something like that) after I launch it, saying "Bully.exe has stopped working". I tried nearly all troubleshootings that could be found on the Net (but, I've got to admit, not all, for I'm from China and have difficlties visiting vertain sites) but nothing changed. Do someone here know what should I do? I don't want to give up this game.
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• 10/28/2017

Theory: Jimmy Hopkins is James Cash in Manhunt

If Jimmy became a criminals and start to be the character of Manhunt? Why the story of Manhunt is so misterious? James Cash have a misterious life, we don't know much things about him, all is very hided. Jimmy Hopkins is more than a rebellious teenager, he has a high probability of being a criminal future. The looks of Jimmy and Cash are very similar, the two preserve the shaved hair, both are white and look exactly the same person at different times. But why would Jimmy become a criminal? Why in the US there is a "losers" mentality, where people like Jimmy are considered aimless in life, Jimmy has always been a loser to other people, he did not seem to have any future, maybe this common collective offense in the US ended up messing with Jimmy's head. This may have spawned several internal and psychological conflicts in Jimmy and soon after he began his life in crime. This may have been a reason to become a thug or at least one of the reasons. In the US, James is a nickname for Jimmy, and Cash can not be his last name, obviously he earned that nickname by loving the money. Jimmy is fascinated by money, this is seen in Bully, he does several favors for money, he always says that when someone talks in money, then he is speaking his language. And in the underworld, he received this nickname well suited for him. You can tell me that you've heard of other names like "Earl", but this is most likely another nickname since he may have the desire to become an earl in the world of crime. On top of all this, James Cash's mother looks a lot like Jimmy Hopkins' mother, you can see this when she appears dead in Manhunt, her hair is brown, she looks a bit fat, just like Jimmy's mother, you you might say that one of the men in the Cash family who appears dead in Manhunt does not look like Jimmy's stepfather in Bully, but that does not prove anything. Everyone who played Bully knows that Jimmy's mother was married several times to live being held by men, she could have remarried with another man or maybe the same stepfather has changed appearance over time. If James was born in Carcer City, Jimmy may also have been born. Other people in the Cash family who appear dead may be new members of the Hopkins family or members who have always existed but have never been mentioned in Bully.
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• 10/28/2017

Theory about The Hobo and Mr. Hatricks

Mr. Hatricks participated in the Korean War together with the Hobo, they were friends and military, both probably get in the US forces in the past, coincidentally, both of them were from Bullworth. Maybe Hatricks doesn't caused the incident of friendly fire because Hobo showed no regret or hatred for Hatricks during the game, even if Hatricks is corrupt, hypocritical and treats of anyone. After the war was over and both returned to Bullworth, they tried to forget the terror of the Korean war and got a job as teachers at Bullowrth's Academy, The Hobo could be an expert in computer programming and became a teacher of smaltalk, but during their career, The Hobo ended up fighting with Mr. Hatricks. This fight eventually led Hobo to lose his job and never be remembered again by the Bullworth academy, that's why Miss Danvers reinforces in the speaker of the school that the homeless in the field was never a teacher, they may be wanting to hide the past, maybe The Hobo be claimed a delicate question at school and ended up being hated for it. It is possible that the Hobo report the reputation of corrupt personality and hypocrital of Hatricks, as well as results vendors for the richest students and was soon discovered by Jimmy. After the Hobo lost his job, he came back to remember the terror during the war, in addition to having seen horrible things, he was fired unfairly from the Bullworth academy, because of that, his life became a hell, so he decided to start drinking a lot to forget the problems, that's why today he is an alcoholic and probably also uses drugs to forget everything. He started to live in Campus and isolated of everyone and the rest of the city.
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• 8/21/2017

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• 12/8/2015

Wiki still in use?

Is there anyone still active here? I wonder if the Bully community still lives upto this day
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