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Mission dialogue[]

Halloween (unused)[]

  • What's... you costume?

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  • Ha ha ha ha. That's so.. sad. Ha ha.

  • Well if that's what you like, who am I to question it?

  • You make a good point.

  • This feels niiice... prickLY NO... WAIT... AHHHHHH!!!

  • Well Pete, I hope you found it funny, because I'm sure the headmaster won't.

  • Let us go, I heard Edna's made special punch for the staffroom.

"Mission 2_S05" (unused)[]

  • Child? Leave. NOW.

  • Let's see... maybe it's the blumming.

  • What is all this ruckus?

BIKE quotes[]

Bike stunt[]

  • What a daredevil.

  • That can't be safe!

Bike stunt failed[]

  • Defy gravity at your own risk, young man.

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  • Do not trifle with gravity.

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Biology class[]

  • Hello, children. Welcome to the world of biology. I hope you all have strong stomachs.

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  • Good morning, class! Are we all ready to cut something open today?

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  • Hurry up, children! We've got a brand new set of delightful carcasses to dissect.

  • *loudly inhales through nose* Ah, I do love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning!

  • Remember class, the specimens are not edible. No matter how delicious they may look.

  • My, my. Maybe you're just not cut out to be a scientist.

  • Really, Hopkins, you've got to put some effort into it!

  • Funny, Hopkins, I didn't take you for the squeamish type.

  • Great Scott, boy! Look at the mess you've made! It's a dissection, not a steak dinner!

  • Just when I was starting to think you were getting the hang of science.

  • Take your time, boy! Dissection is an art.

  • Patience, Hopkins! You can't rush science.

  • What's the matter? Don't you like cutting things open?

  • Tch tch, remember, slow and steady wins the race.

  • Nooo, nooo! Gently, carefully....

  • A good start, Hopkins. Let's see if you can keep it up, shall we?

  • That went rather well. You have a steady hand, for a ruffian.

  • EXcellent work, Hopkins! This will make a fine display specimen.

  • Great work! Perhaps I judged you poorly, Hopkins.

  • Well, Hopkins. You seem to have passed biology. There must be some scientific explanation for this.

BUMP quotes[]

Bumped (friendly)[]

  • Um, yes?
  • Can I help you?
  • Oh dear.

Bumped (rude)[]

  • Don't disturb me!
  • I don't have time for this!
  • No.
  • Don't bother me!
  • You're interrupting.
  • Look where you're going!
  • Don't spy on me!

Bumped (rude, in car)[]

  • Get out of my way! Immediately!
  • I'm on my way to a very important conference!
  • Why are you obstructing me?===

Bumped (rude, obstructing car)[]

  • Who put you up to this?! Answer me!
  • Why are you doing this?!

Bumped by a vehicle[]

  • I pulled my piriformis!
  • Did someone put you up to this?
  • Oh dear. What a knockabout.


  • Well. I hope you're pleased with yourself.
  • You've been very naughty.
  • You know where you're going, young man.
  • Well, that deals with you.
  • You should know better.
  • What got into you, Hopkins?


  • I have to go clean up my lab. Goodbye, Hopkins.
  • Well Hopkins, I don't really have time for this. Farewell.
  • I have something to attend to. Take care, Hopkins.

Call for help[]

  • Hooligans! Over here!
  • Excuse me, I need help!

CHASE quotes[]

Chasing someone[]

  • Let me get you!
  • You're coming with me!

Escaped from[]

  • You're safe for now, child...
  • I won't forget your face.

Out of breath[]

  • ...mmh...guh... respirate'... huu, huu, hh...


  • How can so much ethanol have gone missing in such a short time?
  • I would have to say it is syncarpous, as it exhibits a compound pistil.
  • I am on to you Harrington, mark my words, ON to you.
  • Don't let them realize you've seen them. Just keep mooving...
  • I must regain the golden tongue. How else will I be safe?
  • It's such a bother having to teach. Not enough time for research.


  • It's a deliberate conspiracy, I'm telling you!
  • Someone's behind all this, mark my words!


  • How very very curious.


  • Well done indeed.
  • Allow me to congratulate you.

CONV quotes[]

Continuing conversation[]

  • Be that as it may...
  • Oh, that reminds me...


  • Harrington is continually confounding my efforts. Maliciously, I might add.
  • Those so-called Preps are knee-deep in influence peddling, believe you me.
  • Edna always cooks such lovely fare this time of year.
  • Earnest and his friends seem a little more cheerful for some reason these days.
  • That Hopkins has had a great influence on the school.
  • I don't care what anyone says, I suspect Harrington is behind the recent dissolution.

Gossip response[]

  • Frankly it doesn't interest me particularly.
  • Really? You don't say.
  • How very curious I wonder if it's true.
  • An interesting observation indeed.

Negative premise[]

  • I could've been tenured if it hadn't been for Harrington's interference.
  • Sometimes I worry about the fumes in my lab robbing the brain, you understand.
  • They're out to get me! I'm sure of it! All the signs are there.
  • I'm afraid that my instruction is mostly incomprehensible to the students.

Negative response[]

  • That is nothing compared to my own suffering!
  • Oh pish posh, at least you don't have my problems.
  • That does sound discomforting.
  • Would you like some ethanol from my lab? Makes the worries go away wonderfully...

Negative statement[]

  • I don't think anyone here is on my level of intelligence! It's very depressing!
  • This school is a rotten institution, full of violence!
  • Money and connections rule everything! Ability is no guarantee of success.
  • The genius is always maligned in his time. It's the way of the world.


  • Goodbye.
  • Farewell, for now.
  • Bye.

Positive premise[]

  • My fortisima maximus is the largest in all of North America!
  • As a matter of fact, I hold two doctorates!
  • My research is going to be published very soon, mark my words.
  • I feel I'm on the verge of a really big discovery!

Positive response[]

  • Is that so? How remarkable!
  • That's very encouraging to hear.
  • Mmm. I suppose that's good.


  • Have you ever dissected a glaucoma?
  • Did you ever wonder why there are so few science groupies?
  • Did you ever think you were being spied upon?
  • Have you ever run afoul of the rich and powerful?

Question response[]

  • It never interested me.
  • Not that I remember.
  • I might have. I - *clears throat*. Or maybe it was a dream.
  • I'm a little hazy on that, I'm not sure.


  • Ohh, my! How unfortunate!

Don't hit[]

  • That is unacceptable!
  • Who's putting you up to this?
  • Stop that!

FIGH quotes[]


  • You are nothing but a hooligan!
  • Just you wait!
  • You'll get what's coming to you?
  • You're in a WORLD of trouble!

Fighting (beaten)[]

  • I... am... shocked...
  • Let me just... gather myself...
  • Am I imagining this?
  • Harrington put you up to this...
  • You will never get my collection...
  • Genius will not be kept down...

Fighting (initiating)[]

  • You will NOT do that!
  • Stop that carrying on!
  • This will stop NOW!

Fighting (hit in groin)[]

  • Ohhh, my external reproductive organs...

Fighting (spat on)[]

  • Eougghgh, saliva...

Fighting (watching)[]

  • Look at those roosters go!
  • How entertaining!
  • What a ridiculous yet captivating spectacle!

Fighting (want to fight?)[]

  • That was NOT appropriate!
  • Aaah, WHO DID THAT?!