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  • Edgar Munsen
  • Constantinos Brakus
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  • この日はBully Wikiの1歳の誕生日です。

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イーサン・ロビンソンはキャラクターBully;彼はブルワース・アカデミーに通う悪ガキの一人です。 彼のボイス俳優はクレジットされていませんでした。

Ethan is obsessed with martial arts, and got most of his ideas about them from bad movies. He tells wild stories about battles he fought and tricks he pulled off that obviously didn't happen. He joined the Bullies because it gave him an excuse to get into more fights...

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  • Bully Wiki is an information guide about the video game Bully by Rockstar. With the help of many hardworking editors, this wiki is as close to 'finished' as a wiki can be.
  • Bully Wiki was started on 2 December, 2007.
  • Bully Wiki reached 500 articles on 13 February, 2009.
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