Bully вики
Bully вики


  • Ok, You pushed too far. Let's go!
  • Come on, punk. Let's rock!
  • I'll teach you what it means to be hurt!
  • You really wanna pee blood tonight? You got it!


  • Now you're gonna feel the wrath of my Tiger!
  • You forced me to do this, and you will regret it!
  • You could do your best, but i will defeat you!
  • Ready to go to sleep? I hope so for your sake!


  • Crush! Kill! Destroy!
  • Smash you! Smash you!
  • Now Russell maaaaad!
  • Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!


  • Ok, so you wanna get beat down!
  • I didn't wanna do this, but you pushed me!
  • The time has come for me to show my true colors!
  • Put 'em up pal, let's go!


  • Somebody wants to be handicapped!
  • Let a real man show you the ropes!
  • Guess you're not addicted to breathing, huh?
  • You're gonna wish you had a bodyguard!


  • I'm gonna kick butt!
  • Butts are gonna roll!
  • I eat wimps for breakfast!
  • I live for this!


  • Guess what time it is! Yep, time for a beatdown!
  • You ready to meet your maker? Ha ha!
  • Violence solves all of life's problems, chump!


  • You want your life punched out, ok!
  • One beatdown coming right up!
  • Now you've done it!
  • You wanna rumble, zit face?


  • Here comes the pain!
  • Prepare to get your sack smashed!
  • Let's go, short stack!
  • You want a piece of me?


  • Alright, pay attention, now!
  • This is gonna be fun!
  • Save yourself! Run!
  • You and me, now!


  • You're lucky I'm totally hung over!
  • You little piece of...
  • That's it! No more nice!
  • Let's make this quick! I have a date!


  • I'm gonna show you who's the smartest!
  • Now you're in for it!
  • Now I'm gonna beat you, you little brat!
  • I'll show you who's in charge here!


  • Hey, I've got nothing else to do right now!
  • And i thought today was gonna be boring!
  • I was gonna watch T.V, but what the hell!
  • Let's have some fun!


  • I'm gonna show you a little personal responsibility!
  • Now watch me! This is what you're supposed to do!
  • Bend over, Rover!
  • It takes a man to do a man's job!


  • Who are you calling skinny?
  • I'll show you who's hard!
  • It's time for a fight!
  • Time to die!


  • Alright, let's have some fun!
  • Let's do it!


  • Let's go, skinny!
  • You want a piece of this, small stuff?
  • I'm gonna break you like a twig!
  • You're dead meat!


  • I wanna break your face!
  • Oh, this is gonna be fun!
  • You think you could challenge me?
  • Hey, you won't know what hit you, kid!


  • And i thought this was gonna be a boring day.
  • Come here! I gotta tell you something!
  • Hey, say hi to Mr. pavement!
  • You're in trouble! I'm in nicotine withdrawal!


  • That's it!
  • I've had enough of you!


  • Who wants to get wrecked?
  • I'm ready to cause some real damage!
  • I don't lose people!
  • I can destroy anyone, anyone!


  • Let's dance!
  • I've got time to kill!
  • This oughta be fun!
  • I can't wait to make you bleed!


  • You're going down, and i mean down!
  • Let's see you pick on someone my size!
  • I'm gonna take you down!
  • Get ready to be pounded down like a nail!


  • I'm gonna break your chain!
  • You wanna mess with a Greaser?
  • I'm all geared up to crank you one!
  • I'm gonna wrench your head clean off, pal!


  • Ok, buddy, you asked for it!
  • You ever being used as a punching bag?
  • You had your chance to cool out!
  • You bought a ticket for the pain train, choo choo!


  • Me and you, let's go!
  • I'm gonna wipe you all over the concreate!
  • This is the end for you!
  • You ready for the pain?


  • You gotta calm down a bit!
  • You wanna wrestle with me? Bring it on.
  • Look pal, you crossed the line and I don't forget that crap!
  • You wanna be tough? Come on, be tough with me!


  • Time to back up your trash!
  • You're going down, smartass!
  • Let's see how tough you really are!
  • Shut up and fight!


  • I'm gonna bust your gut up and watch you bleed!
  • I'm gonna rip out your heart and feed it to you!
  • It's chin check time, punk!
  • I'm gonna lay your butt out like a newborn baby!


  • You know what, I'm gonna smash your face in!
  • Now I'm gonna whoop your ass!
  • Prepare to get smacked!


  • I am going to destroy you now!
  • I will make you hurt all over, maggot!
  • I have decided to make you suffer!
  • You and i will fight, i will win!


  • Prepare to get creamed, wimp!
  • It's pound cake time!
  • You don't mess with me! Ever!
  • One lump or two?


  • Been waiting for this!
  • What the heck, I'm bored!
  • You ain't worth it, but oh well!
  • Got nothing else to do!


  • I'm a cheerleader and I'm angry!
  • I'm so going to hurt you!


  • Time to put some lumber down!
  • Time for some smash mouth!
  • You're getting jacked up, dude!
  • I'm gonna lay one on you!


  • You won't like me when I'm angry!
  • Oooooooohhhh, i'm so angry!
  • Oooh, ooh, oh, you're really gonna get it now!
  • That's it, i've had it!


  • I'm not going to stand by and watch!
  • Some situations can only be solved by force!


  • I'm standing up for myself!
  • You wanna see assertive? Check this out!
  • I don't care anymore! This is it for you!
  • You're about to get hit, jerk head!


  • I shall have to resort to violence!
  • I hate having to do this!
  • You've made me really cross now!
  • You'll be sorry!


  • You're messing with the wrong guy!
  • You want some of me?
  • You're gonna get some of this!
  • You think you're a tough guy?


  • I've had enough!
  • You're going to pay!
  • This will not stand!
  • Oh, now you're gonna get it!


  • A fat kid can only take so much!
  • You've unleased my barbarian rage!
  • A duel you will have, foul villain!
  • You've really squashed my cupcake, dengus!


  • I'm gonna go snicker-snack on your rear end with my vobal sword!
  • Unguarded!
  • You wanna fight? Let's go! I'm wearing my boots of ass kickery!
  • Feel the wrath of Nerd rage!


  • I've been pushed too far!
  • This time, i am serious! I'm gonna kick your ass!
  • I shall turn your face into the palooza of the flesh!
  • It's time for a new turn offensive!


  • If you are dumb enough to fight the Bullworth boxing champ, come on!
  • I'm gonna lay you out!
  • After i beat your ass, i'm gonna have your Dad fired!
  • You are so totally dead!


  • It's time i showed you my shaolin training!
  • My boxing coach prepared me for this!
  • I'm trained in Brazilian Jujistu!
  • I'm trained in Thai kick boxing!


  • You could push a Prep only so far!
  • You ignorant pauper, get over here!
  • Alright, fisticuffs it is!
  • Don't move, i need to punch you!


  • My word, i'm about to get brutish with you!
  • Hope you're ready for some fisticuffs!
  • Prepare yourself for humiliation!
  • It's about time we had a talk!


  • You're going back to the poor house!
  • You're getting awfully upity!
  • I suppose i better beat you!
  • Oh, well, i guess i must beat you!


  • You look a little scrambled!
  • These yolks crack me up!
  • You look a little shell shocked!
  • Ain't i a stinker?


  • I'm sorry I had to come to this!
  • I'm gonna feel bad about this tomorrow!
  • You've really been asking for it!
  • I'm afraid i have to beat you now!


  • Now you've gone and done it!
  • You'll be sorry!


  • You are so dead!
  • I'm going to pound you like my Dad pounds me!
  • My Dad tought me the meaning of pain! Now i'll teach you!
  • You're going to the Prep school in the sky!


  • Oh, now you've made me angry!
  • I'm gonna have to kick your butt!


  • I'm gonna give people something to gossip about!
  • No curriculum!


  • You've asked for this!
  • I don't like to use violence to solve problems, but...
  • You brought this upon yourself!
  • I hate you!


  • You've driven me to violence!
  • I can fight, you know!


  • Come here, scum!
  • I'm gonna enjoy this!
  • Let's teach you a lesson!
  • I'm gonna give you something to tell your therapist!


  • Don't let the four eyes fool you! I'm quite the pugilist!
  • I'm small, but exlposive, like Nobel's invention!


  • I didn't wanna fight, but i got no choice now!
  • Looks like somebody's about to meet my angry side!
  • My fist, your face, you ready?
  • I'm gonna show you how a man fights his battles!


  • You don't know who you're messing with!
  • Put 'em up!
  • I told you not to push me!
  • It's over!


  • Leave me alone!
  • You can't pick on me like that!


  • You aren't leaving me much of a choice here!
  • Now i don't like to fight. What option do i have?
  • It didn't have to come to this, but you crossed my line!
  • I'll show you what you gotta make up for in your life!


  • I really don't wanna have to do this, but you forced my hand!
  • Bring it, Bitch!


  • I'll defend your honour, Momma!
  • Momma says i'm fearsome!
  • Nobody talks that way about my Momma!
  • I'll teach you to respect my Momma!


  • Ok, then!
  • You want some of me?
  • I don't like violence, but i can't stand you!
  • I may be a weed, but i ain't that scared!


  • To the last. i will grapple with thee!
  • I'm going to fight you now, but this doesn't mean we still can't be friends!
  • Shnicket, let's go, bub!
  • Get ready for 160 pounds of brawn!


  • I'm not gonna take it anymore!
  • I'm ready to explode!
  • Now i'm really angry!
  • Gosh, now you're gonna get it!


  • That's it! I've had it! Let's go!
  • Let's see what you've got!
  • Bring it!
  • Now i'm gonna hurt you!


  • Alright, if that's the way you want it.
  • Sometimes, violence is the only way.
  • This is gonna hurt you more than me, wuss!


  • I'm going to have to show you the force of my will!
  • This is going to hurt you more than it hurts me!
  • The beating I'm about to administer will give me no pleasure, I assure you.


  • I'll teach you to think bad thoughts!
  • Time for a little on the job training!
  • The fists want a word with you!


  • I'll teach you a lesson!
  • You have crossed that line!
  • That does it! I'm laying the smack down!