Bully вики
Bully вики

+ I wish I was that cool!
+ Aren't you afraid you'll get hurt?
- Did you get a boo-boo?
- Did you break anything?

+ That looks dangerous!
+ Careful!
- Oh no, that must hurt!
- I knew that would happen!

+ Wow, that looks so scary.
+ You might dislocate a shoulder or fracture a knee cap, you know.
- Was that supposed to happen?
- That was not smart.

+ I can do better.
+ Whoa, nice trick.
- I would say get up and try again, but what’s the difference? You’ll always be a loser!

+ I bet I could do that.
+ That was rad, bro!
- Maybe you need to go practice.
- Hey, do you need some help or something?

+ I learned that trick in elementary school.
+ That trick is so nineties.
- You need a bike coach like I have.
- Cheap bikes mean cheap tricks.

+ One day, I’m gonna be stuntin’ too.
+ That trick might look hard, but it’s pretty easy.
- Don’t you know anything about physics? Sheesh!
- Ha ha. I bet you feel pretty dumb. I’m glad I don’t have that problem!

+ Show off.
+ You’re trying too hard!
- You deserve that!
- Nice job! Idiot!

+ I could do that.
+ Guy thinks he’s a super star!
- Ha ha ha! Probably can’t afford lessons.
- Kids today…

+ That’s cool!
+ You know who else can do that?
- Oops!
- Too bad!

+ Whoa! Look at the daredevil!
+ I can do that!
- Shoulda put your seatbelt on!
- Ha ha, you ate it BIG time!

+ That sucks!
+ I don’t think that was particularly impressive!
- Are you okay?
- That looked painful.

+ My oh my, what a rambunctious display!
+ That looks pretty dangerous.
- Heavens, I hope they’re alright.
- You mustn’t try that again, you could kill yourself!

+ That’s cool if you’re in wussy sports.
+ I’ve seen better.
- Pain is good.
- A little blood never hurt anyone.

+ That trick sucks.
+ Hey, you call that a trick?
- Ha ha ha ha. Do you want a beating as well?
- Stop showing off then!

+ Hey, that was pretty good! … for a cripple. *laughs*
+ Hey Crew Jones. You do that for a living? For your sake I hope not.
- Maybe next time you won’t try so hard to show off.
- Ha! Figures a dunce like you would screw that up.

+ Is that the best you got?
+ Do it again. Backwards.
- Loser.
- I knew you were a loser.

+ That kicked butt.
+ That was alright. I guess.
- Ha ha ha. Awesome!
- You rock, dude.

+ Keep the excitement to a minimum.
+ Okay, too much fun being had here.
- What did you expect?
- Another showboat without a helmet.

+ That was sweet!
+ Whoa! That was excellent!
- You gotta get out of your head. SEE the trick!
- You must practice! Only a master can be perfect.

+ Hm. That was okay.
+ Nice trick, I guess.
- Well, maybe you shouldn’t try stupid bike tricks.
- That’s what happens to a show off.

+ Whoa, super cool!
+ You’re the bestest daredevil ever!
- That’s gotta hurt.
- Are you alright? Huh? Huh?

+ Impressive use of a velocipede!
+ That trick is simple physics, actually.
- Gravity, not man, is victorious.
- Improper use of leverage.

+ Oh. Like that makes you cool.
+ Very flashy indeed.
- Don’t just lie there!
- I guess you aren’t that good after all!

+ That was wicked, man! I’ve done that trick like a hundred times!
+ Whoa, pretty cool! Bet you can’t do it blindfolded, though. I can!
- Aw, too bad man. I should show the ropes sometime.
- Oh, geez! That looked like it hurt. If you need some pointers, just ask.

+ I can do that!
+ That’s alright.
- Ha ha ha!
- Don’t kill yourself there!

+ My sister can do that trick.
+ I suppose you think that’s cool.
- Hah. That’s the best thing I’ve seen all day.
- You really do suck!

+ Show off!
+ Yeah, now try it blindfolded.
- Feel that pain? That’s my daily existence.
- I’m too tired to help you up.

+ I taught him that trick.
+ I can do that.
- I could give you some lessons.
- You need to lean forward more!

+ You think you’re manly doing that?
+ What stupid trick.
- Ha ha. You really hurt yourself, didn’t you?
- You look like little girl.

+ What a dumb stunt.
+ I guess it’s a cheap way to amuse yourself.
- Well, that was exceedingly stupid.
- You’re an idiot, Hopkins.

+ I wanna try that!
+ How do you do that?
- Ha ha ha! Crazy! What a wipe.
- That was a crazy crash!

+ That looks dangerous. I’d advise against repeating it in the future.
+ Oh. Good effort there, boy.
- Okay lad. That’s enough now. Why don’t you call it a day then?
- Are you alright down there?

+ Nothin’ special.
+ I could do that.
- Ha ha ha ha… now that’s funny!
- Ha ha ha ha… I wish I could rewind it and see it again.

+ That was a great athletic performance!
+ Ha ha! Nice styles there, man! Great form!
- If you weren’t such an attention hog you wouldn’t have hurt yourself just now!
- Is the thrill of landing a trick worth your horribly bruised ego?

+ Ah, come on, let’s see you try that again, huh?
+ Oh, lucky brake.
- Hey I love seeing the faces when they fall, man.
- Ha ha ha, man that was genius.

+ That’s an accident waiting to happen.
+ Whatever you do, don’t mess up.
- The nurse must love you.
- Time to call the nurse again.

+ Are you good off the bike, too?
+ Now you’re really impressing me!
- You’re not very good.
- Come back when you’re better.

+ Yeah, that was okay, I guess.
+ Ha. Oh okay. You did okay.
- Uhh… I hope you’re not hurt. *chuckles*
- I guess you’re just not as good as you thought.

+ Wow, you’re crazy.
+ Where’d you learn that?
- *laughing*
- Look at you now!

+ I bet you think you look real cool doing that.
+ Ooo, aren’t you a real daredevil.
- Well, you should have known better.
- I bet you didn’t see that coming.

+ You’re wasting your time!
+ That should be outlawed!
- Your failure is taunt-able.
- I hope that hurt!

+ That’s so cool!
+ Yay!
- Oh no!
- You shouldn’t be doing dangerous stuff like that!

Melvin: + Wowzers!
- Don’t worry. A cleric spell can heal you right up!
- Ooo, that hurts just looking at it!

+ That was alright.
+ I don’t have time for stupid tricks.
- Some tricks aren’t for kids!
- Stick to walking, asswipe!

+ I gotta learn that.
+ That’s something to learn.
- Too funny, heh heh!
- Hope you got hurt real bad.

+ Ah, that’s garbage.
+ What a lame trick.
- You’re awful!
- That sucks!

+ Not bad!
+ Impressive, I guess.
- I don’t suppose you got health insurance?
- You don’t look so cool now.

+ Like that’s something special…?
+ Excellent.
- What a loser.
- Figures he’d screw up.

+ Wow!
+ Fantastic!
- Oh no!
- Are you okay, sir?

+ That was actually pretty good!
+ You’re so dangerous!
- That looks like it hurt!
- Did you break anything?

+ That’s so cool. Can we be friends? … am I too needy?
+ Boy, howdy. That was cool.
- Wow, that must hurt.
- You see, that’s why my hobby is reading books.

+ Sweet trick! But take care of that bike or she’ll leave you! … story of my life.
+ Surprised you didn’t stab your crank, hotshot.
- Ha. Your forks are gonna be so worn!
- Are you trying to trash your bike? Learn how to ride.

+ Ha ha, do it again!
+ You made the bike go loopty loop!
- Ha ha! Crash!
- That’s what happen to Russell. No helmet.

+ How’d you do that?!
+ That’s reckless!
- I hope that hurt!
- You had that coming, moron!

+ Why are you doing that?!
+ Aren’t you scared?
- You did that wrong.
- That wasn’t very good.

+ I can do that!
+ So what?
- What a worthless kid.
- What else would you expect from a loser like him?

+ Oh, look at that!
+ I’ve seen better.
- That’s so stupid.
- I wonder if he got speared by the bicycle spokes?

+ Ah, I see the lessons I gave you paid off.
+ So, you do a trick? I can do like, eighty-nine tricks.
- You shoulda listened to my lessons.
- That didn’t hurt. Come on, get up.

+ Whoop-dee-friggin’-doo!
+ Wow, you’re Olympic material. Not.
- Ha ha. Dingus.
- Want me to get the nurse? Heh heh.

+ That’s really cool!
+ I wish I could do that!
- Are you alright?
- That looked bad!

+ Good!
+ Like it!
- You crashed!

+ Hell on wheels!
+ Check out the speed demon!
- Ha ha ha ha! Creamed!
- Nice try, daredevil!

+ That wasn’t bad, but keep trying. I’m sure you’ll mess up soon enough.
+ Pretty decent trick. I’m surprised you pulled it off.
- Ha ha! At least you got balls, Hopkins.
- Aw man, ha ha. I could watch you do that all day. *chuckles*

+ You gotta teach me how to do that!
+ Nice!
- Come on! Get back up!
- Ha ha, great wipeout!