Bully вики
Bully вики

Algernon: Greetings, Ma'am!
Angie: Hello Ma'am!
Beatrice: Hello, Ma'am!
Bif: Ma'am.
Bo: Ma'am...good to see you.
Bryce: Hello Ma'am. So good to see you again.
Bucky: Hello Missus.
Casey: Hi Ma'am.
Chad: How are you on this fine day?
Christy: Hello Ma'am.
Clint: Lookin' good, sweet thang!
Constantinos: Hello Ma'am... (slow, bored voice)
Cornelius: Hello, Ma'am! How are you today?
Damon: Ma'am...
Dan: Helloo, Miss!
Davis: Hello...Miss.
Donald: Hello, Miss!
Duncan: Hi.
Ethan: Hi Miss.
Eunice: Hey Miss...
Fatty: Ma'am.
Gloria: Hello, Ma'am...or should I say Madame?
Gord: Ma'am!
Gordon: Hello, Miss! Fine weather we got!
Gurney: Howdy, Ma'am!
Hal: Hi.
Ivan: Hey. Hello.
Jerry: Hello, Ma'amm... (not a typo, he says it sarcastically)
Juri: Hello Ma'am!
Justin: Hey cow...I mean, uh, Ma'am.
Karen: Hi Ma'am!
Kirby: Hello Ma'am!
Lance: Hello, Miss!
Lefty: Hello, Ma'am...
Leon: How's it going, lady?
Lola: Hello Ma'am.
Lucky: Lookin' good, Miss.
Luis: How are you, Ma'am?
Mandy: Hello, Ma'am!
Melody: Hello!
Melvin: How do you do, my lady?
Norton: You didn't see anything, right?
Omar: Hello...Mma'amm...
Otto: Hello, Missy.
Parker: Hello, Ma'am.
Peanut: Hello, Ma'am.
Pedro: Hello, Mama...I mean...Ma'am...
Pinky: Helloo, Ma'am!
Ray: G'day, Ma'am.
Ricky: Ma'am...you look nice today.
Russell: Hey grown-up lady!
Sheldon: Hi, Ma'am!
Tad: Hello, Ma'am.
Thad: My respects, my lady!
Tom: Helloo, Ma'am!
Trent: I'M hot for teacher, heheah!
Trevor: Hello there, Ma'am.
Troy: Hello.
Vance: Older chicks razz my berries!
Wade: Hi, Miss!
Zoe: Hi...whatever.


Clint: What d'ya want old man?
Duncan: Hey!
Gurney: Hello there!
Jerry: Hello sir... or whatever...
Leon: What's up boss?
Omar: Hellooo sir!
Otto: Hello mister... whatever.
Zoe: Hmmph. Bastard.


Angie: Hello sir!
Christy: Hello!
Constantinos: Hello sir...
Eunice: Oh! Hi sir!
Gloria: Hello sir, or should I say, sire.
Ivan: Hello mister whatever your name is!
Karen: Hi sir.
Lance: Hi there!
Melody: Hello sir!
Pedro: Hello sir.
Ray: Hello sir.
Sheldon: Hi sir!
Trevor: Hello there sir!


Davis: Sir.
Ethan: Hey sir!
Russell: Hey old man.
Tom: Hi sir.
Trent: Hello sir.
Troy: Hello.
Wade: Hello sir!