Bully вики
Bully вики

Algernon: Why would you get a tattoo?
Beatrice: Are you trying to make up for the lack of masculinity and brains by getting a tattoo? Because it’s really working.
Bucky: You get any hepatitis with that tattoo?
Cornelius: What a beastly tattoo!
Donald: That tattoo will look great when you’re fifty.
Fatty: Oh. How rebellious of you, Jimmy.
Melvin: Please tell me you didn’t pay for that!
Thad: Look, words from the black death!
* I’m not 100% sure what Thad is saying. Words? Wards?

Davis: That’s a badass tattoo!
Ethan: Whoa! You got a tattoo? Sweet!
Russell: Tattoo make you though, like Russell!
Tom: Whoa! You got a tattoo! Sweet!
Trent: Sweet tattoo! Where ya get that?
Troy: Hey. Like your ink.
Wade: Is that a new tat? Sweet!

Bif: Ooo, a tattoo! How original.
Bryce: Typical pauper tattoo; in poor taste.
Chad: Nice tattoo. How middle-class.
Gord: A tattoo. How very criminal looking.
Justin: Don’t let the townies tattoo you ever again!
Parker: Tattoos are so… so working-class!
Pinky: Tattoos are disgusting!
Tad: That tattoo is going to look real great when you’re fifty, you dink!

Hal: That’s a cool tattoo, bro.
Lefty: Got some kill ink I see.
Lola: I can’t believe you actually got that tattoo.
Lucky: Whoa ho ho! That’s a sweet tattoo!
Norton: Cool tat! My chick's got that same one- I didn’t mean it like that. That tattoo is cool, I swear.
Peanut: Hey, new ink? Wicked.
Ricky: Is that tat real? Whoa, that’s rad!
Vance: Sweeeet tattoo, Jimmy! Rockin’ and rollin’!

Mandy: Tattoos are for social rejects. Perfect for you!
* No other jocks have any audio files that I know of. I fired up my game, got tattooed, and went to see if they had anything to say, but I got nothing. Does anybody else get a response from them?

Angie: My mom says tattoos are for criminals!
Christy: I heard you had a really ugly tattoo. Wow!
Constantinos: You think that tattoo makes you look cool?
Eunice: What is that dirt all over your arm?
Gloria: A drunken Shanghai sailor would love that tattoo!
Gordon: Is that a tattoo or did you spill ink on yourself?
Ivan: Wow. That tattoo would go great with the mustache.
Karen: Tattoos are so lame.
Lance: You do that tattoo yourself?
Melody: Really, a tattoo? Isn’t that a little too nineties? Next you’ll be growing a goatee.
Pedro: That tattoo won’t look good when you’re a grandfather, sir.
Ray: Why would you want that on you for the rest of your life?
Sheldon: Dr. Crabblesnitch says tattoos indicate criminality!
Trevor: That tattoo looks awful!

Clint: Sweet tat, Jimmy!
Duncan: Your ink looks pretty cool!
Gurney: That’s some serious tats!
Jerry: That tattoo is cool! It’s such a real statement about the you-ness of being you!
Leon: Hey! Another killer tattoo, my friend!
Omar: Heeeey, that’s a great tattoo!
Otto: Dude, love the new ink!
Zoe: Man, that’s some bad ink you got there.