Bully вики
Bully вики

Algernon: Weirdos scare me!
Beatrice: Freaks are like one of a kind custom-made cars to be observed and studied.
Bucky: Maybe I could join up with these guys. They seem so cool and fun and scary.
Cornelius: *laughs* They look silly!
Donald: I feel sorry for those freaks.
Fatty: Whoa! Freaks are awesome!
Melvin: If only I could find a way to free them; I could begin to build my army.
Thad: Can you imagine living your life with such a serious affliction as these freaks?

Davis: Yeah, and hairy palms man! Remember what Mr. Burton says about hairy palms?
Ethan: Okay. Now I seen it all.
Russell: Freak better not look at me funny.
Tom: I hate the freak show. All it is is a bunch of freaks with makeup and bad breath.
Trent: I could take these guys on.
Troy: I’d love to smash this place and put these freaks out of their misery.
Wade: I think they’re all staring at me. They’re so friggin creepy. I hate ‘em all!

Bif: They are so disgusting! Do you think they can hear me with their super freak hearing?
Bryce: That show is perfect for you blue-collar scum!
Chad: Do these guys get paid, or are they slaves?
Gord: Is this how poor people really live? How fascinating!
Justin: (while chuckling) This is like being at a greaser family reunion.
Parker: Poor freaks! Imagine what it’d be like to be them.
Pinky: I guess this makes average poor people feel better about themselves?
- (in a monotone voice) I wonder if these people get specially shaped coffins when they die.
- They have very short lifespans, you know.

Hal: Freak show? I thought this was supposed to be a donkey show. What a chip!
Lefty: Some of these freaks are kind of hot. Like those twins.
Lola: Sometimes I think we’re all just freaks in a big freak show.
Lucky: *chuckle* These people are just… weird.
Norton: These freaks are nothing. I’ve seen Ray with his shirt off.
Peanut: These things should be put to sleep like dogs.
Ricky: You see that? Haha, and I thought I had it rough, ya know? Pffft.
Vance: That freak looks like my uncle Murph...

Bo: My dad told me he use to go to school with a kid who had four hands but no feet.
Casey: What a bunch of FREAKS!
Damon: Maybe the lunch lady can get a job here.
Dan: Some freaky bitch with a beard in there!
Juri: Freaks really freak me out. I could just smash them all, ya know?
Kirby: Why doesn’t the government just drop these freaks outta airplanes?
Luis: Man those freaks are freaky, and not in the good way, you know?
Mandy: They are just disgusting! Oh my god, like, why are they even alive?!

Angie: Really? You think that’s real?
Christy: I heard some freaks can look at one eye with the other. For real.
Constantinos: I think it’s just demeaning.
Eunice: What is up with those people?!
Gloria: Freaks by what definition? Historically it has shifted.
Gordon: What a bunch of no talent, no future, welfare cashing slime balls! Gross.
Ivan: I feel like a freak too.
Karen: I can’t imagine how it would feel to be like that.
Lance: They’re trying to be as freaky as possible; trying to hide the fact that they’re normal.
Melody: I’m not really comfortable with the term “freak.”
- There’s something really weird with these people.
- I wonder if these people have mamas.
Ray: This place has lousy freaks. Wait, they can’t hear me say that, can they?
Sheldon: Did you know that most mutations are the result of radioactive radiation?
Trevor: I think I’m gonna puke!

Clint: (while chuckling) Hey buddy! Your mother know you’re out here?
Duncan: (chanting) One of us! One of us! One of us!
Gurney: WOW! I feel so normal!
Jerry: Did you know the word “freak” comes from the French for “eek?”
Leon: Aw, come on! These freaks aren’t real.
Omar: I just so wanna pulverize one of these freaks!
Otto: I wanna be a circus freak!
Zoe: Ha. They’re no more freakish than the freaks in this town.