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For missions A Little Help II through A Little Help VI, see transistors.
A Little Help
Chapter 1
Storyline Yes
Time Before 11:00 p.m.
Location Boys' Dorm
Given by Gary
Technique Uppercut
Mission That Bitch
Defend Bucky

A Little Help is a storyline mission in Chapter 1.



Gary is picking on Pete when Jimmy enters the TV room in Boys' Dorm. Gary then starts on Jimmy, but is told to cut it out. After some arguing, Gary apologizes and has a plan for some fun, to go and torment someone really helpless. Petey is reluctant to go, but goes after Gary apologizes to him.


Gary says that there is an old Hobo living somewhere on campus. The three boys leave the dorm and run all the way to the abandoned bus on the school parking lot and go through the door. Behind is a heavily fenced off grassy area with a tiny shack and an old mattress. Gary and Petey start to argue again, and are surprised when an old Hobo jumps out of nowhere. They flee, the Hobo throwing a brick at the retreating Gary. He then tries to intimidate Jimmy, who dares him to bring it on instead. Impressed, the Hobo offers to teach Jimmy some fighting moves if he brings him a transistor.

Jimmy finds a radio transistor on the roof of the autoshop and returns it to the Hobo. He is then taught the Uppercut. The Hobo asks Jimmy to return any time if he finds a transistor.


  • While following Jimmy around, Gary will attack any student who fights Jimmy.
  • This is the only time the Hobo can be legitimately conversed with, but he'll start yelling at Jimmy to go get the transistor after several seconds.
  • If you attack The Hobo, you will fail the mission and get a full trouble meter, but it will state that you angered The Hobo instead of attacked him.
  • If you go to the Autoshop area, the Greasers will immediately attack Gary and Petey due to the said clique being set to attack Non-Clique Students on sight as both Gary and Pete are counted as non-clique students.
  • Before this mission, the roof area to the garage that has the transistor will be inaccessible as there is no ladder. However when starting the mission, before conversing with the Hobo, the ladder will be present but the transistor will not be there.

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