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The following is the list of Achievements and Trophies in the Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition and the PlayStation 4 of Bully, aswell as Bully: Anniversary Edition on mobile devices. By filling certain criteria, players will be given awards that are saved to their Xbox 360 players profile, their PlayStation Network account or Rockstar Games Social Club account. Altogether, there are 38 achievements/trophies in both versions, though there are a few differences between each list.

Common Achievements and Trophies[]

Listed here are the Achievements and Trophies that are shared on both platforms. Although some Achievements have the same name as a few Trophies, they have different requirements, and thus are covered in the next section.

Badge Achievement/Trophy Gamerscore (Xbox 360) Trophy grade (Playstation 4) Requirement
Psn after-hours
After Hours 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Spend 5 hours out after curfew.
Psn green-thumbs-up
Green Thumbs Up 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Pick 50 flowers.
Psn eggsellent
Eggsellent! 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Egg 25 cars.
Psn kickin-the-balls
Kickin' the Balls 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Kick 100 soccer balls.
Psn watch-your-step
Watch Your Step 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Trip 25 people with marbles.
Psn dual-nebula
Dual Nebula 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Achieve a High Score on ConSumo, Nut Shots, and Monkey Fling Arcade Games.
Psn down-for-the-count
Down for the Count 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Beat up 200 opponents.
Psn soda-licious
Soda 'Licious 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Buy 100 sodas.
Psn helping-hand
Helping Hand 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete 10 Errand Missions.
Psn little-angel
Little Angel 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete 20 Errand Missions.
Psn keener
Keener 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete 3 Classes.
Psn teachers-pet
Teacher's Pet 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete 6 Classes.
Psn pole-position
Pole Position 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete all Go-Kart Races.
Psn freshman
Freshman 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete Chapter 1.
Psn junior
Sophomore 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete Chapter 2.
Psn sophomore
Junior 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete Chapter 3.
Psn senior
Senior 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze Complete Chapter 4.
Psn skate-pro
Skate Pro 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Travel 50,000 meters (50 km)on the skateboard.
Psn smart-mouth
Smart Mouth 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Say 100 taunts.
Psn smell-ya-later
Smell Ya Later 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Hit people with stink bombs 50 times.
Psn skidmark
Skidmark 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Give 50 wedgies.
Psn glass-dismissed
Glass Dismissed 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Break 300 bottles at the Shooting Gallery.
Psn mommas-boy
Momma's Boy 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Complete 30 Errand Missions.
Psn marathon
Marathon 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Travel 100,000 meters (100 km) on foot.
Psn the-wheel-deal
The Wheel Deal 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Perform 200 wheelies on the bike.
Psn sharp-dressed-man
Sharp Dressed Man 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Collect 250 clothing items.
Psn tour-de-bullworth
Tour de Bullworth 25Gamerscore Trophy Silver Travel 100 km on the bike.
Psn graduate
Graduate 40Gamerscore Trophy Gold Complete Chapter 5.

Exclusive Achievements and Trophies[]

Listed here are the Achievements and Trophies that are exclusive to only one platform, as well as those that were changed (either just the requirement or completely replaced) in the PS2 Classic version for the PS4.

Badge Achievement/Trophy Gamerscore (Xbox 360) Trophy grade (Playstation 4) Requirement
Psn valedictorian
Valedictorian N/A Trophy Platinum PS4: Unlock every trophy.
Psn casanova
Casanova 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze X360: Receive 25 kisses from the ladies.
PS4: Receive 25 kisses.
Psn speed-freak
Speed Freak 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze X360: Complete half of all Go-Kart Races.
PS4: Complete Carnival Go-Kart Races.
Ach its all in the wrist
It's All in the Wrists 20Gamerscore N/A X360: Complete all 4 Carnival games at least once.
Psn the-expert-bicycle-thief
The Champion 20Gamerscore N/A X360: Complete all Bike Races.
The (Expert) Bicycle Thief N/A Trophy Bronze PS4: Jack 20 bicycles
Psn green-thumb
Green Thumb 20Gamerscore Trophy Bronze X360: Complete all Lawn Mowing jobs.
PS4: Mow the lawn 10 times.
Ach black white
Black & White & Read All Over 20Gamerscore N/A X360: Complete all Paper Route missions.
Psn rich-kid-blues
Rich Kid Blues N/A Trophy Bronze PS4: Have $1,000 in pocket change.
Psn boy-genius
Boy Genius 30Gamerscore Trophy Gold X360: Complete 9 classes.
PS4: Complete all 5 classes for every subject.
Psn popularity-contest
Mission Accomplished 75Gamerscore N/A X360: Complete all missions.
Popularity Contest N/A Trophy Bronze PS4: Gain 100% respect from 2 cliques simultaneously.
Psn problem-child
Problem Child N/A Trophy Gold PS4: Amass 160,000 trouble points.
Ach perfectionist
Perfectionist 125Gamerscore N/A X360: 100% completion.
Psn kleptomania
Kleptomania N/A Trophy Gold PS4: Acquire all room trophies.
Ach over the rainbow
Over the Rainbow 20Gamerscore N/A X360: Receive 20 kisses from the gents.

Exclusive Achievements for Anniversary Edition[]

Badge Achievement/Trophy Requirement
Back to School / Study Hall Win your first multiplayer match
Ready to Learn Complete all single round multiplayer games once
Head of the Class Win each of the multiplayer game types 5 times each
Honor Roll Win each of the multiplayer game types 10 times each
Frienemies Challenge a friend to a rematch and win 3 times
Bookworm Win a School tournament
Prepares to Qualify Win an Arcade Tournament
Dunce Lose 3 multiplayer matches in a row
Super Social Play against 3 different friends
The Kind of Streak Win 3 matches in a row and get a winning streak
Over Achiever Win 5 School tournaments
All of the Quarters Win 5 Arcade Tournaments