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Gender Male
Kissable No
Voice Actor Andy Hanley

Alfred, better known as The Skeleton Man, is a freak featured at the Freak Show in "Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival". He was voiced by Andy Hanley.

Character description[]

Alfred is an emaciated man, and his entire ribcage can be seen through his skin. He wears a black top hat and ragged pants. He holds a cigarette in one hand which he puffs on, and a cane in the other.


He was a wealthy man born to affluent parents, who inexplicably started to lose weight one day. No one realized something was wrong with him until the weight loss became too excessive, and he used all his means to contract the best medics there were available. However, nobody was able to discover what was causing it or how to remedy it, and he eventually became destitute and was abandoned by the medical community. His wife, family and friends all left him in the end, although he acknowledges it was best for them to let go of him. He also has a son, who was two years old by that time. He ultimately joined the freak show, and now spends his time talking about his past to the visitors. There is a picture of him, before his condition manifested, and his family on the wall above the fireplace.

Role in game[]

Alfred has no role in the game. Jimmy however, has to take pictures of the freaks, him included, for Photography 5.