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Aquaberry is a clothing brand that is favored by the Preppies . The Aquaberry design consists of a large argyle (or harlequin) pattern of alternating diamonds in medium aqua blue and dark aqua blue. It has its own store in Old Bullworth Vale, which is managed by Mr. Carmichael. The Aquaberry brand also has some form of relationship with Bullworth Academy. It produces sweaters and sweater vests that are adorned with the Bullworth Crest, which in turn are considered to be school uniform .

To buy out the entire store the total cost is $1193.

The name itself is an amalgation of real life British clothing brands Aquascutum and Burberry.

Aquaberry produces many articles of clothing aside from their trademark sweaters and sweater vests, and these are available in the clothing store in Old Bullworth Vale. This can include hats, coats and sneakers amongst other clothing articles.

Jimmy is forced to don Aquaberry clothing for two different missions; The Eggs and Weed Killer.

When wearing Aquaberry clothing, Jimmy can receive different responses from the various students and townsfolk. Upper-class adults in Old Bullworth Vale, for example, will frequently respond politely and pay compliments to Jimmy if he's wearing Aquaberry, as will the Preppie clique. Members of cliques opposed to the Preppies will generally mock Jimmy for wearing Aquaberry clothing, even if he has good standing with them.