Aquaberry is the brand name of the outfits the Preppies wear. The name is an amalgamation of two big-name British brands of clothing, Aquascutum and Burberry.

The Aquaberry Store is in the small shopping plaza in Old Bullworth Vale. It is staffed by Mr. Carmichael. The Preppies and some Townsfolk frequently loiter inside the store. Derby Harrington appears on posters inside as a model, as does a model named Candy whom doesn't make any physical appearances in the game. Later in the game, a poster with Jimmy (with a Preppy hairstyle) appears inside it.

Aside from the trademark Aquaberry Vest and Aquaberry Sweater, the store sells various outfits geared towards the rich, including the Tuxedo. It also sells several clothing articles labeled either "Rough n' Rich" or "Luxury Stud". These may be separate brands or Aquaberry lines.

Aquaberry is considerably more expensive than other clothing outlets, with items costing as much as $100, far more than any item of clothing at Worn In.

Should Jimmy encounter one of the Preppies in the store and annoy him enough that he attacks, Mr. Carmichael will ignore it. However as soon as Jimmy begins to fight back, he will be evicted.

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