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The Auto Repair Shop is an automobile repair shop at Bullworth Academy.


The Auto Repair Shop is located next to the Parking Lot on campus. It is where Shop class takes place, and is the on-campus hangout for the Greasers. The inside of the shop is only accessible during classes, but still features a soda machine. There are also two cars, a Regina and a Stallion, from the Grand Theft Auto series, as well as bicycles and at least one motorbike inside the main work area. There are several repair bays towards the rear of the main auto shop, which are only accessible from outside.

Several missions take place around this area of the school. The first, The Setup finds Jimmy Hopkins cornering the Bully Davis, who'd attacked Jimmy earlier, thinking of him as a teacher's pet for Dr. Crabblesnitch. Jimmy finally manages to get his revenge on Davis after plowing through several other Bullies, and knocks Davis off his perch and claims the Bully's weapon for his own.

Soon after comes Defend Bucky, where Algie pleads for Jimmy's help in rescuing Bucky from the Bullies. On the urging of Gary, Jimmy does so, and in reward Bucky gives Jimmy a skateboard.

The interior of the building doesn't match correctly with its exterior. The interior clearly shows two sets of windows per wall, but the exterior only shows one per wall. The three main garage doors are also identical on the inside, however the outside shows two identical main doors and a slightly smaller, different color door for the lock up. The lock up is however in the same position as Jimmy's BMX bike is inside the building.


  • Using the no-clip mod and teleport mod on the PC, if you teleport to the auto-shop and then use the no-clip mod, you will be able to go into another copy of the auto shop which is exactly the same. There is a banner saying "Bullworth Annual Sale!", and some of the items Jimmy earns for his room. Rockstar probably removed this before the release of the game.