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Chapter 3
Storyline Yes
Time Before 11:00 p.m.
Location The Underpass
Given by Johnny
Cash $20
Respect Greaser +5
Preppy -5
Area Bike Park unlocked
Mission Wrong Part of Town
Glass House

"Well hello Gord. It seems you've been messing where you ought not."
"No, cousins are legal!.. oh, you mean Lola."
—Johnny Vincent and Gord Vendome

Bait is a storyline mission in Chapter 3.

The Mission[]


Johnny, having gotten proof that his girlfriend Lola is cheating on him with Gord, decides that Gord needs to be taught a lesson. His plan is to lure Gord into the BMX Park in New Coventry. Jimmy is to lure Gord there, where Johnny is waiting with the Greasers.


Jimmy must provoke Gord into chasing him. Gord is riding bikes with Justin in Bullworth town. Jimmy can attack either of them, although his best bet is to knock Justin out and steal his bike. He must then lead Gord to the BMX Park. Near the BMX park, Parker shows up throwing firecrackers. If Gord gets knocked out before reaching the bike park, the mission is failed.

Inside the BMX park, Johnny is waiting to confront Gord. Tad and Justin are with Gord, and Lefty and Vance are with Johnny. Johnny accuses Gord of "messing around where he shouldn't", and Gord initially thinks that Johnny means relations with first cousins. The Greasers attack and the Preppies fight back.

Both cliques ride around the BMX park on their bikes and throw firecrackers at each other. When all the Preppies are knocked out, the mission is won.


  • Tad, Gord and Justin all have much bigger life bars than usual in this mission.
  • Even if the Preps get off their bikes and run after Jimmy they will still be on their bikes when they are inside the bike park. Furthermore, if Jimmy rides a bike all the way to the bike park then the bike will mysteriously vanish as Jimmy will just run inside.
  • Jimmy was originally supposed to steal a bike from Fatty and Thad before luring Gord to the BMX park.
  • If the Greasers are the last ones to hit Gord rather than Jimmy, the end of the mission will feature an alternate line from Johnny congratulating Jimmy and being more friendly.

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