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Beam Cola is a fictional brand of Soft Drink in Bully.

Drink Information[]

The drink, when consumed, can boost health up to normal levels. The drink is obtainable from a number soda machines scattered throughout the town and the safe-houses. Jimmy can also purchase the drink from all Yum Yum Market outlets, though doing this will remove all of his extra health. When Jimmy drinks it he emits a belch, which has multiple burp sound variations.

Jimmy can also obtain it from knocked out students, who will sometimes have Beam Cola on them. Each can bought costs $1. After purchasing 100 cans, all the Soda Can Jimmy buys will be free, and if he purchases 500 cans, he will obtain the Soda Hat and an achievement (Xbox 360 only). If Jimmy does not have any more money, he will kick the vending machine and eventually a can of soda will come out. The chances of getting it are completely unknown.

Beam Cola Machine Locations[]

Bullworth Academy[]

  • Inside the girl's dorm
  • Inside the boy's dorm
  • Inside the Jock's hangout
  • Outside of the Gym
  • Outside of the main entrance
  • Inside the school building, near the main staircase
  • Inside the staff room (only accessible during The Diary and Cook's Crush).
  • Inside the Shop classroom (inaccessible to Jimmy, can only be seen at the beginning of Shop 1).

Old Bullworth Vale[]

  • In the carnival, at the snack stall near the entrance.
  • In the Preppies' hideout
  • In the boxing gym
  • On the top of the hill of Old Bullworth Vale Gardens by the tables.

Bullworth Town[]

New Coventry[]

  • Greasers' Hangout

Blue Skies[]

  • Outside the Police Station.
  • Inside Happy Volts Asylum, in the main entrance.
  • Inside Happy Volts Asylum, in the recreation room.
  • Inside Spencer Shipping, in the office on the ground floor.


  • If Jimmy waits for another student to put money in the soda machine and then shoves them away before they actually take the soda, he can get the soda for free.
  • Beam Cola is also a reference to the controversy over soft drinks being unhealthy, with Jimmy stating lines in his dialogue such as "Liquid sugar is healthy for you, isn't it?", "I can feel my insides rotting already!" and "Taste the chemical burn!".
  • Several advertisements for Beam Cola can be seen around Bullworth and surrounding areas, including a big can on the roof of a burger joint in Old Bullworth Vale.
  • Beam Cola has a competing brand called Peetza Pop. Peetza Pop isn't available in the game but advertisements for it can be seen around town. Artifacts in the data files indicate that it was once planned as an in-game item.