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Blue Balls Pool House is an abandoned pool house located in New Coventry. It was formerly a base for the Greasers before Jimmy evicted them and took over.


The pool tables are gone, but the Greasers have dragged in a few couches, a television, and a mattress for sleeping. The door to the women's bathroom can be kicked open and there is still a working toilet-bowl in the bathroom. In the southeastern section is a small bar where Jimmy can save the game. An arcade console for Monkey Fling is also located here.

There is a locker where Jimmy can change his outfit. He can also get a refill for his eggs, bottle rockets and spud gun, provided he has obtained them in the first place.

In early screenshots of the game there was a wall near the entrance.


  • The door to the women's bathroom cannot be opened until the last mission is completed. Apparently this door shares its name with the door inside The Library during Complete Mayhem in the data files, and once the library door is unlocked after defeating Ted and the other Jocks, the bathroom door is unlocked too.
  • The name of the pool hall shares it name with a sexual reference and is a reflection of typical Rockstar humor similar to that of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Mission Appearances[]

  • Greaser Challenge: Jimmy enters the property, defeats the Greaser occupants inside, and claims it as his own.