Bo Jackson
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Funhouse Fun
The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Jason Fuchs
"Freaking Hopkins man..."
— Bo

Bo Jackson is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Jason Fuchs.

Character DescriptionEdit

Bo is the only medium-sized Jock who can be encountered outside missions. He's black, wears a long sleeve blue Letterman's sweater both summer and winter, and always wears a white cap. Under the cap he has a generic close-cut hairstyle, although he appears in one cutscene with a flattop. His cap can be knocked off by fighting him. He has light brown eyes.


Bo shares his name with the multi-sport athlete Bo Jackson. This is almost certainly intentional.

His number on the football team is 00 (not to be confused with Ted's number, 0). His position on the team is unknown, but could possibly be halfback - he has the frame for it, and his namesake also played halfback. He strongly desires to be quarterback and is openly planning on going for it after Ted graduates. He's not crazy about Bullworth Academy, and claims he'll switch schools if he doesn't make QB next year.

More than other Jocks, Bo values his education, though he seems to struggle with English class, possibly because he can't take the class seriously due to Mr. Galloway's drunk nature, as referenced in his dialogue. He also treasures his relationship with his parents, calling them regularly. He also goes hunting with his father. He's as violent and aggressive as the other Jocks, but similarly to Parker Ogilvie of the Preppies, his underlying nature seems to be that of a decent guy. He dislikes Jimmy at first, however, as he can be heard muttering about Jimmy under his breath at times and considers him to be a jerk. However, at the end of the game, he reconsiders his thoughts on Jimmy. If Jimmy has a good faction standing with the Jocks, he acts very nervous around Jimmy and begs to be left alone.

Bo is thought to be the older brother of Lance and Gloria, since they share the same skin color and surname, and they are all intelligent. Bo and Lance look similar in the face, and both have a slight ebonics accent.

Role in gameEdit

Bo's largest role in the game is his participation in the cutscene in The Gym is Burning, where he somewhat hypocritically refers to Jimmy as a bully. In this scene, his voice is higher pitched than it is in the rest of the game.

He has another speaking line in a cutscene where he threatens Jimmy and sics the Jocks on him after Jimmy harasses the Bullhorns Mascot. He also helps Ted and Damon vandalize the library during the schoolwide riot. He plays on the Jocks dodgeball team.

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