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Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Gym is Burning
Voice Actor Tom Vergow
"Crossface Chickenwing, coming up!"
— Bob


Bob is a deleted character in Bully, appearing in only one cutscene. He was referred to as the white mystery jock until his name was found in the data files of Bully. He was voiced by Tom Vergow.


Beta Jocks

An old screenshot of Bully shows Bob in the background while Jimmy tackles Dan Wilson

The only version of Bob that remains in the game is the one that appears in the opening cutscene in The Gym is Burning and wears a wrestling singlet. An old screenshot of Bully showed a plain clothes version of Bob, although it has been removed entirely from the game. Likewise, his winter clothes model was either removed from the game or never created in the first place.

Bob is one of the tougher students in the game. He has 165 health units, putting him well below Bif and Damon, but above any other non-clique-leader. His fighting style is mostly the same as the Non-Clique students, although he uses the Townie headbutt from a schoolboy press. If he's set to use a grapple from a standstill, he uses Hal's/Norton's bearhug, a straight punch, and a knee to the face.

Strangely, the data files identify him as being a Bully, and if he's hex-edited to appear in free roam he associates with the Bullies. He also has a FIGHJ (fighting a Jock) line of dialogue in his speech files. Although he was clearly originally designed as a Jock, he may have been a Bully at some point in the game's development, although all this may just be a design anomaly. His voice files are mostly complete, but he's missing all of the Conversing files. However, he has extra "don't hit me" dialogue lines - the same sets of lines that the clique leaders have.

Character description[]

Mystery white jock

Bob, cropped from the above image

Bob is white with short blond hair and brown eyes. He's muscular with particularly broad shoulders. He wears a wrestling singlet in his only appearance in the game, but he appeared in earlier screenshots wearing a blue Bullworth T-shirt over a white sweatshirt, the same outfit that Juri wears. Bob also has a bandage on his left hand, just like Juri.


All of the information below was obtained from the data files containing his spoken lines.

Bob is very much into wrestling. Much of his dialogue references it. He also references professional wrestling, threatening to suplex and clothesline his opponents. He threatens to use a wrestling hold called the Crossface Chickenwing, a possible reference to Bob Backlund, a former WWF World Champion who used the Crossface Chickenwing as his finishing move.

Outside wrestling, Bob suffers from self-esteem issues. Whenever he fails at something he either apologizes profusely, loses his temper at himself, or both. He states that he's under pressure from his father and grandfather to excel at athletics. He acknowledges that he needs to work harder at his academics, but claims it's hard to make himself do schoolwork when he can go to the gym instead. He spends a lot of time working out and enjoys the gym.

Bob is also openly homosexual, questioning why the other jocks mess around with girls and flirting with guys who bump into him. He also implies that wrestling is a sexual fetish for him[1]. He claims to have a finishing move that he calls the "Kneeling Bob", another implication of homosexuality.

Bob, despite playing sports such as wrestling and most likely football often claims he's not a "stupid Jock".

During Bob's one legitimate appearance in the game, Jimmy insults him by saying he has the personality of a jock strap.

Role in game[]

Bob's only appearance is in the cutscene in the mission The Gym is Burning.

Removal from the game[]

No official sources have made any statements regarding Bob.

There are numerous similarities between Bob and Juri. They wore the same otherwise unique outfit, are both obsessed with wrestling, and are both openly disinterested in girls. In Bob's case the disinterest in girls is due to his homosexuality and in Juri's it's more along the lines of macho posturing. In images from the game's alpha and early beta, Juri doesn't appear at all and Bob associates with the Jocks in his place.

It is believed that Bob's open homosexuality caused him to be mostly removed, excluding his one cutscene in 'The Gym is Burning', and reworked into Juri.

There are also anomalies regarding Bob's small role in the game. Juri is mentioned by name in the cutscene of 'The Gym is Burning' but does not make a physical appearance - his scream echoes from inside the gym. A purely speculative explanation is that the developers were somehow obligated to keep at least a bit of Tom Vergow's work in the game, and Juri was added to the scene to make it clear that Bob and Juri weren't the same character. However, it has also been alleged by players that the voices of Bob and Bo in that cutscene sound different from their normal voices, and may have been provided by different voice actors.

This may also explain why Bob is identified in the data files as a Bully and why the Bullies have one fewer male member in their clique than any of the others - the developers attempted to rework Bob into a Bully but gave up for some unknown reason.


  1. Dialogue file Bob_CHATTER_V1: That toned physique, sculpted arms, supple torso. I just hope I can beat him.