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Boxing is a minigame in Bully. It appears as a sport favored by the Preppies.



To initiate the minigame, the player must move Jimmy into a glowing circle next to the boxing ring.

The minigame takes place in third person with the camera behind Jimmy. Jimmy can move around, block, duck, and throw punches. He and his opponent both have a health meter, much like those in fighting games. The fights have 30 second rounds. To win, Jimmy must empty his opponent's health meter and then throw a knockout punch.

Between rounds, Jimmy regains approximately 30% of his health meter. His opponents regain only a minuscule amount of their meter between rounds.


Boxing takes place in two missions.

  • In Prep Challenge, Jimmy enters a boxing tournament in the hopes of winning a house in Old Bullworth Vale. He faces Chad, Justin and Parker consecutively. He wins, but due to not being a member of "the Board," isn't given the promised prize and is instead given the abandoned Beach Hideout. He is also given the Boxing Outfit for his wardrobe.
  • In Boxing Challenge, in attempt to subdue the Preppies, Jimmy challenges Bif to a boxing match, and triumphs. This is the only time he has a chance to box against Bif.

Boxing - Challenger[]

After unlocking Chapter 2, Jimmy can start a boxing matches from 3:30 pm onwards by traveling to the boxing club. His first match is against Chad. On beating Chad, he is rewarded with extra punching power and is allowed to move on to face Justin. In this fashion he must defeat Justin, then Parker, then Bryce, each time earning extra punching damage.

After winning these four matches, he can start boxing matches for money, wagering up to $20. His opponent will be randomly selected between Chad, Justin, Parker, and Bryce.


  • Health bonus received by kissing carries on during the fights, giving Jimmy a huge advantage if he enters the match with double health meter.
  • The Preps will taunt Jimmy during his fights, even if the fights are done in Chapter 3 or Chapter 6, where Jimmy's respect with them is at 100%.
  • Pinky will cheer Jimmy on, even if the fights are done before he starts dating her.
  • In the beta version, blood could be seen on the faces of Jimmy's opponents when they're low on health. In the final version, there are bruises and swelling but no blood. The Wii version of Scholarship Edition retains this but reduces it considerably, as the opponent's face will still be visibly blood-red when low on health.


A solid way to win is to just play Defensively. A lot of the time if Jimmy throws the first punch, the opponent will dodge/parry with a gut punch. Block and wait for them to throw the first attack. A majority of the time, it will consist of one or two quick jabs followed by a delayed uppercut. This delay leaves just enough time for Jimmy to dodge or hit them. If dodged correctly, it will momentarily leave the adversary open to a punish.