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Boxing Challenge
Chapter 2
Storyline Yes
Time In-game time
Location Old Bullworth Vale pier
Given by Pete
Cash None
Mission Dishonorable Fight

Boxing Challenge is a mission in Chapter 2.

The Mission[]


Jimmy and Petey are sitting on the end of the longest pier in Old Bullworth Vale. Jimmy is frustrated as nothing he's tried is cowing the Preppies. Petey points out that simple violence and abuse isn't enough because the Preppies get that at home, and what Jimmy needs to do is prove publically that he's better than they are. To this end he suggests that Jimmy challenge Bif Taylor to a boxing match.


The weather turns to light snow as Jimmy heads from the pier to the Glass Jaw Boxing Club. Inside, he challenges Bif, who accepts.

Bif fights the same way all the other opponents in the boxing minigame fight, and is no tougher than any of the others.

Once Jimmy wins, Dishonorable Fight starts automatically.


  • Bif is the only boxing challenger to have his full name printed above his life bar. There is no reason behind this.
  • The music when boxing Bif is slightly different than when boxing other Preppies.
  • No matter what time Jimmy starts the mission, or what the weather pattern is, after the cutscene with Pete the sky will become dark and snow flurries will begin falling from the sky.
  • The preppies watching the match use unique chants favoring Bif during this fight, with the exception of Pinky. Bif can even be heard shouting taunts about Jimmy.
  • Pinky and Tad were watching the match, yet mysteriously vanish when Jimmy starts fighting the other Preppies.
  • Despite Jimmy becoming the new boxing champion after defeating Bif in this mission, Bif will still refer himself as the Bullworth boxing champion when provoked ("If you're dumb enough to fight the Bullworth boxing champ, then come on!") or when in fights ("You know I'm the champ, right?!")

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