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Boys Dorm

The exterior of the Boys Dorm during Halloween.

The Boys' Dorm at Bullworth Academy is home to the male students on campus. This is where the protagonist Jimmy Hopkins resides during his time at Bullworth.


The dorm is a one-floor building located to the left of the main gates. It is filthy, infested with rats being a frequent sight at night, and is vandalized frequently. It is also much smaller than the Girls' Dorm, despite the fact that boys outnumber girls 50:10 (49:11 in Chapter 6) in the school. It consists of a recreation room which has a TV that only displays static (except in the cutscene for Defend Bucky, where it displays somewhat distorted footage of a swimming event) and sofa, a soda machine, an arcade game console and a table where the students play poker. The dorm also consists of a water fountain, two fire alarms, a board which is regularly updated with notes, and a fire extinguisher.


Nerds fighting a bully inside a dorm room.

Interestingly, though the other rooms cannot be entered, all of them contain at least one bed, and a few of them even contain sofas.

The students that can be seen wandering around the dorm are the Bullies, Nerds, and Non-Clique Students. The other cliques can be seen when the fire alarm is pulled. The dorm has no school authority patrolling it, unlike the Girls' Dorm. Because of this, it is a popular spot for bullying and fighting. Originally, Mr. Burton assumed the role of patrolling the Boys' Dorm until the final version, where his part was withdrawn.

There is a total of eight rooms in the dorm.

Jimmy's Room[]

Jimmy's dormitory bedroom is the first available safehouse in the game, it is available as soon as you begin the game. There are cutscenes from 2 of the earlier missions located in Jimmy's Room, Welcome to Bullworth and Halloween. After Jimmy completes Chemistry 1, a chemistry set becomes available (the only chemistry set in the game), this is where Jimmy can have easy access to fire crackers, stink bombs and itching powder. The more chemistry classes Jimmy completes, the better use he gets out of his chemistry set. Just like all safehouses, you are able to save the game, sleep until morning, and change Jimmy's clothes in his room. There is no arcade game in Jimmy's Room, but there is one in the recreation room in the dorm, just across from Jimmy's Room. All trophies earned from missions and achievements are displayed throughout Jimmy's Room after being unlocked, it is almost as if he is getting more comfortable personalizing his new room as he spends more time at Bullworth.

No other characters are able to enter Jimmy's Room during free roam except Jimmy himself. If a character is being hostile towards Jimmy or trying to attack him, as soon as Jimmy enters his room they will disregard him and leave him alone. If Jimmy leaves his room and goes back out into the hall, the attacker will not resume trying to attack Jimmy, they will let him be, depending on Jimmy's respect with the faction. The only time other characters can be seen in Jimmy's Room is Gary and Pete during cutscenes in Welcome to Bullworth and Halloween.

Beta Changes[]

At one point in development, the Boys' Dorm was supposed to be a two-story building like the Girls' Dorm. If the player stands far enough away and zooms in on the Boys' Dorm with the camera, the original design of the building with the second floor can be seen. If he then slowly walks towards the dorm, the old 2-floor model of the dorm and the current 1 floor model will slowly blend until the 1 floor replaces the 2 floor. Constantinos references this second floor in one of his dialogue lines, in which he complains about "jerks thinking they own the top floor of the Boys' Dorm".

In beta, Jimmy's room was supposed to be on the beta second floor of the dorm as referred by one of Gary's beta lines saying "you get changed, by the time we will hang out downstairs".

Originally, the game developers planned to give Gary and Pete a common room which would be accessible by Jimmy.

Another beta factor was the dorm would lock its doors at midnight, and if Jimmy was returning to the dorm later than that, he'd have to sneak in through a window. This mechanic was removed from the final version of the game, but a dumpster underneath a window can still be found behind the dorm.

Sheldon and Pedro were intended to spawn in the Boys' Dorm. Pedro and Sheldon's models of their characters wearing pajamas are included in the game. However, the final version was edited so that they don't spawn in the Boys' Dorm. They will appear inside it if chased inside, and occasionally the morning after Halloween. This may be because Jimmy or another older student could be able to attack them without a prefect coming to help, since they are unable to enter the Boys' Dorm.


  • Russell is the only older student who doesn't spawn in the Boys' Dorm. He can only be seen inside if he chases someone into the dorm. He can also be seen inside in the mission Halloween where he puts Pete inside a garbage can.
  • A maximum capacity of ten students can be seen in the dorm at any time. If the fire alarm goes off and there are already ten students inside the building, no one else will appear.
  • At night, a random Greaser can be seen throwing eggs outside the dorm at nighttime, but in the Halloween mission, Pedro can be seen doing this.
  • If Jimmy turns off the TV, anyone watching it will shove and insult Jimmy. If Jimmy neither apologizes nor defends himself, they'll eventually attack him. This will happen even if Jimmy is the one who turns the TV on in the first place.
    • There are unused lines for students reacting to Jimmy turning off the TV.
  • The layout of the second floor can still be seen on the mini-map, as seen here.
  • Unlike Jimmy, the NPCs can access every other room of the dorm, even to fight inside.
  • There is a glitch that lets you get into one of the rooms using the trash can, as seen here.
  • In the first trailer, Pedro can be seen in the boys' dorm.
  • If you go through the roof of the dorm using the levitation codes, you can see the mini-map layout for the second floor and some remnants of the beta bathroom, like the sinks, mirrors and tag location.
  • If you enter the dorm and run to the end of the hallway on the right, you will notice another interior or room on the top of the mini-map. It is the Girls' Dorm.
  • The flooring of the second floor's bathroom can be found in the data files. They were supposed to be used for the Happy Volts Asylum, but went unused.
  • The "Warriors" portrait found in a beta image for the Boys Dorm can be seen inside Dragon's Wing Comics.
    IMG 2425
  • If a mod is used to spawn an authority figure inside the Boys' Dorm and the player gets busted, the player will instead spawn at the Bullworth Town police station. Additionally, if a female student is spawned or the player changes into one, the female student can get a trespassing violation on the trouble meter, but spawned authority figures (if there are one) will never attempt to bust them.