Bully 12
Clique Carnival Folk
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Emire Lena

Brandy is the female dwarf who works at The Carnival. She is voiced by Emire Lena

Character DescriptionEdit

Brandy is a dwarf, and only comes up to Jimmy's waist. Attractive by dwarf standards, she wears a vest open to reveal her bra, and a red skirt. Her hair is dark brown and cut short.


In the official comic, Brandy is seen expressing interest in the two midget wrestlers Lightning and Zeke. The two are fighting for the rights to The Fat, Ugly Bearded Woman, and Brandy asks if she can at least have the loser. According to Mihailovich, she and Hector once took a room at his motel, where they apparently engaged in sexual activity.

Oddly enough, if provoked into a fight, she attempts a citizen's arrest in a similar manner to male adults.

Role in gameEdit


In Bully, Brandy can be found at the carnival wandering around, but she plays no role in the game.

Scholarship EditionEdit

Brandy assigns Jimmy the Scholarship Edition bonus mission Small Offences. In the cutscene, she is seen smashing a yard gnome with a baseball bat. She finds the gnomes horribly offensive, to the point that her request to Jimmy is for him to smash all of them and "make the hurting stop". Jimmy agrees to the task.


  • When Jimmy chooses the "spank" option from the social interactions menu, she is slapped at her back (the place where women of normal height would have their butts) instead of her butt.
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