Bully Wiki
Bryce Montrose
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Russell in the Hole
Prep Challenge
Movie Tickets
Beach Rumble
Tad's House
Weed Killer
Boxing Challenge
Dishonorable Fight
The Rumble
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Ben Levin
"MY trust fund is bigger than YOUR trust fund!"
— Bryce

Bryce Montrose is a character in Bully, and a member of the Preppies. He was voiced by Ben Levin.

Character description[]

Bryce is a medium sized preppie with brown hair and light green eyes. He wears the standard Aquaberry sweater vest with black pants and brown loafers. His boxing outfit is maroon with white trim. Bryce also wears a silver Aquaberry watch on his left hand. During the winter he wears an Aquaberry sweater and a pair of black gloves.

Bully Strategy Guide error[]

An error in the Bully strategy guide lists Bryce as a non-clique student. This error is duplicated in many of the FAQs hosted on GameFAQS. This, in turn causes "Where do I find Bryce to take his picture for the Yearbook?" to be one of the most frequently asked questions in the game.

Audio error[]

On occasion, regardless of whom he's fighting, Bryce can be heard saying "Get that badly dressed social reject out of here!" and "Hopkins, you don't belong here, get out!" These lines were meant to be exclusive to the mission Weed Killer, and in the audio files, they're listed as mission dialogue. However, due to a programming error, they are triggered as fight dialogue even in free roam.


Although Bryce's family is old money like most of the Preppies, Bryce's father has spent all of Bryce's inheritance and most of the family's money on "gambling, booze and women." This influences almost every aspect of Bryce's character.

Bryce has been accepted by the Preppies, but is terrified that they would reject him if they found out his family wasn't rich anymore. For being supposedly terrified about his dark secret, Bryce is very forthcoming about it in conversations with the other Preppies, telling them stories about things he has to do to keep up his appearances of being a Prep, and various things his father has wasted money on. Bryce has a summer job at the Bullworth Golf & Yacht club and often talks about the job as though it's a way to make connections, but sometimes admits he's using the money he makes to help pay his tuition. When dealing with students who aren't Preppies, Bryce is classist and arrogant even by Prep standards. He often makes a point to talk up the entire Preppies clique, and when he feels wronged by another student will express indignation on behalf of the entire clique rather than just himself. Like most of the other Preppies he constantly uses classist insults; his favorite insult is 'indigent' although he frequently uses the clique favorite insult 'pauper.'

An unusual amount of Bryce's dialogue directly responds to Jimmy, even if through game mechanics he could be interacting with someone besides Jimmy. He notices Jimmy working with Gary and makes fun of Jimmy for being 'Gary's errand boy.' He also references Jimmy's relationship with Beatrice when trying to insult him.

Bryce considers himself a fighting machine, repeatedly referring to the different forms of fighting he knows. He claims to be a Shaolin student and that he knows Thai Kickboxing, Boxing and Brazilian Jiu jitsu, although he is never seen using a fighting style other than the standard Preppy boxing. He can regularly be seen practicing at the Boxing Club. Strangely, the version of Bryce boxing at the gym shares Bif's stats, including his damaging fighting style and large amount of health.

Role in game[]

Bryce can be seen accompanying Derby and Pinky during the mission Russell in the Hole.

During Chapter 2, Bryce appears regularly, but he has no individual role in the story and no speaking lines in cutscenes. In the mission Tad's House, three different instances of Bryce appear in the upstairs windows, throwing eggs at Jimmy. Later on, during the mission Bait, he is seen riding bikes around town with Gord, who Jimmy needs to lure to the BMX Park. Some unused speaking lines found in the data files indicate that Bryce had a role in a possible stealth-based mission, but they're too fragmentary to tell anything further.

During the riot in Chapter 5, Bryce, along with Chad, can be found guarding Derby inside Harrington House.

Bryce can always be found training on the heavy bag at the Boxing club. When he is hitting the heavy bag, the game will not let you take a picture of him for yearbook. However, you can knock him out and take a picture of him when he's down.

Bryce is seen entering Jimmy's Math, English, Geography and Biology classes.


  • Unused dialogue from the mission Weed Killer between Tad and Justin says that Chad and Bryce often wrestle each other, even at night. The implication is that they're having some kind of homosexual affair, although Tad and Justin haven't quite figured it out.
  • Bryce, Dan, and Karen share a series of errors in their GREE (greeting) dialogue. Their GREEAF (greeting an adult female) is greeting an adult male. The GREEGW is supposed to be Jimmy's girlfriends greeting him (greeting - girl won), but for Bryce, Dan and Karen it is greeting an adult female. The GREEAM line is usually for greeting an adult male. Karen doesn't have this line at all but for Bryce and Dan it's switched with their GREEHG (greeting a hot girl) line.
  • In addition to the above, all of Bryce and Dan's lines complimenting clothing are out of order. For example, their GREEPHCL (likes haircut) line is actually a compliment about a hat, while their GREEPHL (likes hat) refers to shoes.