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Bucky Pasteur
Clique Nerds
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions Defend Bucky
The Candidate
Nerd Challenge
Stronghold Assault
Jocks Challenge
Funhouse Fun
Defender of the Castle
Nice Outfit
The Big Game
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Tim Wersan
"AlllRIGHT tonight is bath night! And then I get to watch TV until 10!"
— Bucky

Bucky Pasteur is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Nerds at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Tim Wersan.

Character description[]

Bucky is a skinny nerd who is slightly taller than Jimmy. He has messy light brown hair parted in the middle, brown eyes, buck teeth, and oval lens glasses. He wears the same astronomy club vests that the other Nerds wear and brown slacks, with a patch over the knee. In the winter time he wears a green and yellow knit cap with a puffball on top. He also wears three watches; two on his left wrist and one on his right. According to him this is for his "sense of timing."


Bucky is the stereotypical "socially awkward oddball" nerd. He has a loud nasal voice, and he occasionally uses odd inflection. He also uses slang awkwardly as if he's not quite sure how it's supposed to sound, but he uses it more accurately than Algie. He also openly wishes that he were big and athletic enough to be a Jock rather than a Nerd. Lastly he seems quite confused on how he feels about girls. He still complains that girls have 'cooties' and sometimes talks about not wanting a girlfriend, but at other times complains about not having a girlfriend and how he'd like to have one in the future. He associates Mandy with cooties in multiple lines of dialogue, but describes the Bearded Woman as 'neat.' In the mission The Diary it's implied in Beatrice's diary that Bucky has feelings for her and is upset that she's placed him in the friend zone, but this doesn't come up anywhere else in the game.

Academically Bucky struggles more than a Nerd normally would. He considers getting a C on his English test good, and also claims that he has a C in Math but that he could get an A if he wanted. Conversely, deleted dialogue from Cook's Date states that Bucky not only usually gets A+ grades in Chemistry, but regularly catches errors Dr. Watts makes while teaching.

Bucky has a close relationship with his Grandmother, and speaks about her in many lines of his dialogue. Apparently she is intelligent but beginning to get senile, and she's started to horde cats. She spoils Bucky, but he also has to take care of her, including helping her take a bath and managing her dentures. It isn't clear why she sent him to Bullworth, or even if it was her decision. It's unknown why Bucky lived with his grandmother, as his parents aren't mentioned at all. It's possible that Bucky's parents just didn't want to be bothered with him, which is why he lived with his Grandmother and later got sent to Bullworth.

He had a pet rat named George, who went missing some time around Halloween. He also exclusively refers to Jimmy as 'Jim', which few other people at Bullworth do.

Role in game[]

In Chapter 1, Jimmy is asked by Algie to rescue Bucky. He had gone to the autoshop to get parts for a science experiment, and the other nerds were afraid the Bullies had gotten him. They had, but Jimmy rescues him. In return, Bucky gives him a skateboard.

In Chapter 3, he appears only in Nerd Challenge where he challenges Jimmy to beat Fatty's ConSumo High Score. He also gives his bottle rocket launcher to Jimmy after he beats Fatty's high score.

In Chapter 4, during the mission Funhouse Fun, he and Fatty attempt to take control of the Carnival's fun house to torment the Jocks. The Jocks, however, catch them at it and attack, forcing Jimmy to save them and then help them escape the funhouse. During The Big Game, Bucky gives Jimmy an explosive-rigged football to prank the Jocks with.

During the school-wide riots in Complete Mayhem, Bucky helps Earnest and Donald in vandalizing the gym.

He plays on the Nerds Dodgeball team.

Deleted content[]

Bucky has an exceptionally large amount of deleted content, both dialogue for missions he did appear in that went unused, missions he was dummied out of, and even a mission that was removed from the game.

During Welcome to Bullworth he would've asked Jimmy to retrieve his One Eyed Elf Grottos and Gremlins figure. In The Candidate, Bucky would have loaned Jimmy a special slingshot built by Earnest and named Wendy to defend Earnest with, and then given him the Super Slingshot as a reward.

He originally had a role in Cheating Time, where he bought test answers from Mr. Hattrick because he "needed to stay ahead of the bell curve." He also would have appeared in Cook's Date, where he would have harangued Dr. Watts about receiving an A instead of an A+ on an assignment.

In Defend Bucky and Funhouse Fun, both missions he did appear in, he none the less had a lot of dialogue dummied out. Although he appeared in Stronghold Assault as backup, he had a minor role and some dialogue that was dummied out; he would have been helping Earnest run the automatic spud gun.

He also had two errands removed. One is unclear what it would've been - he says that a smell makes him feel "funny in his pants." The other would have been to prank the Jocks by spraying perfume around the locker room, so that "people [would] think they're a bunch of girls."


  • Bucky's name and habit of wearing three watches are a reference to American architect Richard Buckminster Fuller. Fuller was nicknamed "Bucky" by his friends, and wore three watches set to different time zones due to his frequent travel across them as a lecturer.