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Bullworth is a town in New England and is the setting of the game Bully. The town has six main districts and resembles a small North East Coastal city. The population of all boroughs combined is 128,000, according to a sign in the introduction sequence. However there are far fewer characters that appear in the game. The town also exists in the same universe as the Grand Theft Auto series.


Bullworth Academy[]

Bullworth Academy is the towns independent boarding school for the nation's children, and is the main setting within the town. The school itself consists of various buildings and houses many of the school's students. There is also a store from which the player can buy clothes for Jimmy, situated on the ground floor.

Bullworth Town[]

Bullworth Town is the commercial borough of the town, housing many of the town's shops and the town hall. The area is frequented by Nerds, but the Greasers and the Townies also appear in the area while the Bullies can be found hanging around outside the Motel. It also appears to house many apartments.

Old Bullworth Vale[]

Old Bullworth Vale is a borough, which has two main areas. There is a shopping section, smaller than Bullworth Town, and a residential area, which houses many of the wealthier residents of the town. This includes the Preppies, Mr. Hattrick and the leader of the Bullies, Russell Northrop. It has a beach facing an ocean inlet, and is also where the carnival is located.

New Coventry[]

New Coventry is the run-down, urban-poor borough, consisting of mainly tenement housing. There are few shops, housing the poorer residents of the town. The district is the hang-out of the Greasers clique, although the Townies do appear individually in parts of New Coventry.

Blue Skies Industrial Park[]

Blue Skies Industrial Park is the industrial borough of the town and is home to the Townies clique. The area houses the poorest residents of the town and mainly consists of factories and industrial buildings.

Happy Volts Asylum[]

The Happy Volts Asylum is the town's psychiatric institute and houses many inmates, some of whom are also Townies. The Asylum is located between Blue Skies Industrial Park and Bullworth Academy.