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The Bullworth Bullhorns, more rarely called the Bullworth Bulls, are the Football team at Bullworth Academy. The coach is Mr. Burton, and it's said that the Bullhorns are his "reason for existence." The current team captain and star quarterback is Ted Thompson.

Number of players[]

It should be noted that Bully made absolutely no efforts to accurately emulate a football team.

High schools in the United States generally have between 20 and 40 total players on a team. Although there are only 8 individual male Jocks in Bully, there are multiple missions where generic jocks wearing football helmets to hide their identity appear. Additionally, photographs of historic Bullworth Bullhorns teams show teams with rosters way above 8 total. It should therefore be assumed that the Bullworth Bullhorns are a full size standard American High School football team.

Positions and Numbers[]

Most of the male Jocks are said to play on the team, but some of the positions are not known.

The position played by Dan Wilson is unknown. He brags about his tackles and interceptions, meaning he plays defense, most likely cornerback or safety since he's very small for a defensive liner or linebacker. His number is 1.

The position played by Bo Jackson is unknown, his number is 00. It can be guessed by deduction that he plays running back, since the real Bo Jackson played that position for the Oakland Raiders.

The positions and numbers of Juri Karamazov and Luis Luna are also unknown. It is technically unknown whether they even play on the team, although circumstantial evidence suggests they do. Luis claims he could be the star of the football team with better sneakers.

Both Bo and Kirby would like to play quarterback instead of their current positions, and Bo talks about leaving Bullworth to play for a different school if he doesn't get the spot when Ted graduates.

Osbourne was formerly a player on the team. He presumably played Quarterback, as he brags about throwing perfect spirals. He claims to have brought glory to the school while he was playing.

Team Uniform[]

The team uniform colors are mainly navy blue and white with the color gold used for the letters and numbers on the jerseys. Most players are seen wearing a long sleeve white shirt underneath their jersey.

The jerseys are primarily navy blue but are white on the top with blue numbers on the top of the player's shoulders. On the navy blue part of the jersey which is the main portion, the numbering and lettering is the color gold. Also on the back of the jersey at the top (where the player's last name would usually go) is the Bullworth crest embroidered into the uniform. The pants are white with a navy blue stripe down the middle and a navy blue belt. The helmet is navy blue with a big white stripe down the middle and a white facemask. The most interesting thing about the helmet and uniform overall is the fact that there is a bull's head seen on both sides of the helmet, however the bull looks just like the Mascot which means that the logo is red and the color red does not go with the rest of the color scheme of the uniform which consists of the colors navy blue, white, and gold.

Role in game[]

As all the Jocks other than Mandy are most likely on the football team, it could be said that the football team is involved in every Chapter 4 mission. However, in the mission Defender of the Castle, the football team is expressly said to be behind the attack on the Nerd's stronghold.

Jimmy interrupts the football team during practice twice - once during Chapter 1 in The Slingshot, and also during Nice Outfit.

His activities during The Big Game take place right before a team game. Small talk during the beginning of Chapter 5 says that the Jocks were so devastated by the relentless pranking that they choked in the game and lost by a huge score.


Using 'horn' to refer to the male genitalia is archaic slang. Rockstar Games has a long history of making the names of various things in their games double entendres. As such, the name 'Bullhorns' could be interpreted as 'bull penises' rather than 'bull horns' (or 'loudspeakers') by dirty minded individuals.