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Bullworth Town is the commercial district of the town of Bullworth.

Bullworth town map

Geography and information[]

Bullworth Town is north of Bullworth Academy and is located in between Old Bullworth Vale and New Coventry. Most of the area is taken up with small businesses. The area is generally clean and relatively upscale, but there are a few dirty alleys between the buildings, and some of the buildings in the southeastern section are run down.

The town is frequented by Nerds, but Greasers, Bullies, and Townies (mostly at night) can also be found here. Rarely, Preppies and Jocks can be found roaming around too. Townsfolk from both Old Bullworth Vale and New Coventry mingle here. The fact that Bullworth Town does not have its own unique townsfolk like the other areas suggests that it has no residential area. However, there do appear to be high-rise apartments above the shops.

Locations in Bullworth Town[]

Bullworth Fire Station[]

Bullworth Fire Rescue

Bullworth Fire Rescue

The only fire station in Bullworth, it is on the northwest side of Bullworth Town by the bridge to Old Bullworth Vale. No firetrucks or firefighting equipment can be seen around the building. It has no specific role in the actual game, but in the beta Jimmy could start firefighting missions here, under the supervision of O'Rourke.

Bullworth Hair, Nail & Beauty[]

Bullworth Hair Nail Beauty

Bullworth Hair, Nail & Beauty

A beauty salon which is located across the street from the comic book store in Bullworth Town. It is similar to the one located in Old Bullworth Vale, that is run by Maria Theresa. However, unlike the one in Old Bullworth Vale, this one is not accessible.

Movie Theater[]

Closed Movie Theater 1

The theater, from a distance

Closed Movie Theater 2

The theater, a closer look to the entrance

It is a movie theater in the southeastern corner of Bullworth Town. A Racer bicycle will almost always spawn parked at the front left side of the building. A random bike usually spawns at the back as well, sometimes with a Greaser observing it. Upon close inspection, it can be seen that the former ticket booth in front of the building has its windows shattered, while the doors are also broken down.

In the beta version of Movie Tickets, this was actually the theater that was going to be used. It is unknown why this theater was closed down and instead the one in Old Bullworth Vale was used, but it could have something to do with Jimmy getting introduced to the district where the Preppies can be typically seen.

Come Hither[]

Come Hither

Come Hither

Come Hither is a store that sells pornography. Jimmy obviously cannot enter it ; however, in the introduction sequence of Panty Raid, he encounters Mr. Burton coming out of it. The name is likely a double entendre, as to give one a "come-hither glance" is to look at them seductively, while "come hither" is also a slang term for a method of fingering a woman.

Dragon's Wing Comics[]

Dragon's Wing Comics

Dragon's Wing Comics

Main Article: Dragon's Wing Comics[]

Dragon's Wing Comics is a local comic book store in Bullworth Town run by Zack Owens. Zack gives Jimmy a mission to chase down Constantinos after he steals some comic books.

The Nerds are frequently found hanging out either around the building itself, or in the basement of the store, where there is a bed and a ConSumo console. Jimmy can earn the right to use the basement as a save point if he beats Fatty's high score at ConSumo.

Dragon's Wing Comics is essentially a weapons store for Jimmy, as he can purchase stink bombs, itching powder, and marbles there. Like many other stores in the game, it features a sign telling whether the store is open or closed. However, in this particular case, the store seems to be open all the time and it does not close down at 11 p.m., most likely because it is meant to be used as a save point.

Music can also be heard coming from inside the building between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. The sound of an electric generator can then be heard from 6 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Easy Drugs[]

Easy Drugs Bullworth Town

Easy Drugs in Bullworth Town

A drug store located in the middle of Bullworth Town. It is one of two drug stores located in Bullworth, the other one being in Old Bullworth Vale.

There are trash cans behind the building, and it is implied that drugs from the store are hidden in those. Handy gives an errand to Jimmy to retrieve his lost medication, which is in one of those trash cans. Jimmy also has to retrieve some sedatives for Edna during Cook's Crush from the very same place, and Handy is present again.

The Happy Diner[]

It is a diner located next to the Yum Yum Market in Bullworth Town. According to its sign, it is open for breakfast, but considering that people can be heard interacting inside between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m., it is probably open for all meals of the day.

The Happy Mullet[]

Main article: Happy Mullet

The Happy Mullet

The Happy Mullet

It is the only barber shop in Bullworth Town, which is located across the street from The Happy Diner and Yum Yum Market. Jimmy can get haircuts here and must pick up some stuff for Edna and Ms. Phillips in a few missions from here. It is run by Mr. Morrati.

Like other stores, it features a sign showing whether it is open or closed. It gets closed at 11 p.m.

In-And-Out Motel[]

The In-And-Out Motel is a rundown, mostly empty motel just west of The Underpass that separates Bullworth Town from New Coventry. Many of the windows are broken and some of the doors are blocked off with crime scene tape. Four errands involve it - one where Jimmy is asked by Christy to escort her to it, another where Mr. Buckingham asks him to get a picture of his wife Miss Kopke cheating on him with Mr. Martin, one where Officer Monson asks Jimmy to expose Officer Williams' corruption, and one where a townswoman tasks Jimmy to retrieve her missing dog.

The Motel is owned by Mihailovich. Strange noises can be heard from inside the motel late at night, and it is rumoured that Mihailovich kills people and stores corpses in the motel. It is the only off-campus hangout of the Bullies.

The motel's name is a double entendre for sexual intercourse. Aside from the two errands hinting that the motel is frequently used for liaisons, it is common for Rockstar Games to give businesses names along these lines.




A small store at the corner of the southernmost intersection of the town. Decals on the windows (legible only in Scholarship Edition) reading 'Bikes, Used Parts, Wheels, Helmets, Gear and Streamers' suggest that it deals in bicycles and bicycle parts, like Shiny Bikes just across the street. To the left of its door, a trash can with the logo of the store may be found.

Leghson's Bank[]

Leghson's Bank

Leghson's Bank

The only bank in town. It is located on the west side of town next to the gas station. An errand to retrieve a dog takes Jimmy around the back of this building to the parking lot. In a fenced off grassy area in between the bank and another building on the south side, is a Grottos and Gremlins card to which the protagonist can crawl through a hole in the wall to get to it. In what appears to be a glitch, the player may use the BMX IV or the BMX V to jump above the carvings above the door, into a grey, empty room. However, Jimmy cannot get out and must get busted by Authority or Adults to do so.

A bike can be often found parked to the right of the entrance.

Metal Dental[]

Metal Dental

Metal Dental

A dental clinic, the only one of its kind in Bullworth. According to the sign, it is run by Dr. Drillen Grinden. In front of it to the right, there is the only fire hydrant in the entire city.

Mexican Restaurant[]

Mexican Restaurant

Mexican Restaurant

It is the only restaurant of this type in Bullworth, being located across the street from Shiny Bikes. There is a ladder behind it leading to the rooftop. During Christmas, behind the building, Rudy sets up a "Meet Santa" stand and writes "Santa" in his own urine on the snow.

People can be heard chatting inside the building between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Starting with 6 p.m. until 2 a.m., Mexican ambient music can also be heard.

Oil Spill[]

Gas Station 1

Oil Spill, with the sign

Gas Station 2

Oil Spill, a closer look

The only gas station in Bullworth. The Greasers hang around here. In an errand, Jimmy is asked to remove two of them off the roof of the gas station. The roof can be conveniently reached by making use of a ladder placed to the rear of the building. According to what is written on the building, it seems that snacks, food and cigarettes may be purchased from here. Occasionally, cars driven by the townsfolk may stop at the gas station.

Between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., mechanics can be heard working on cars inside the building. Between 7 p.m. and 2 a.m., the sound of an electric generator can be heard coming from the pumps.

The mission Mailbox Armageddon was initially supposed to be started behind the gas station, and the mission would have been performed for Peanut.

Rocket In My Pocket[]

Rocket In My Pocket

Rocket In My Pocket

Rocket In My Pocket is most likely a science project store. It cannot be entered, but the windows there can be broken, a thing which was going to happen during the beta version of Movie Tickets. Like many businesses in Rockstar produced games, the name is also a double entendre and sexual innuendo.

Shiny Bikes[]

Shiny Bikes Bullworth Town

Shiny Bikes in Bullworth Town

One of two locations of the Shiny Bikes stores in Bullworth. It is run by Tobias, just like the location in Old Bullworth Vale. It features a sign telling whether it is open or closed like many other businesses, and it gets closed at 11 p.m.

In a similar fashion to the Old Bullworth Vale branch, it features a garage to the side, where Jimmy's bikes may be found. Bike races can also be started from here.

Spazz Industries Hardware[]

Spazz Industries Hardware

Spazz Industries Hardware

It is a hardware store located across the street from the closed movie theater, close to Come Hither and the In-and-Out Motel. Jimmy must get bolt cutters from here in Revenge on Mr. Burton. This could imply that the Spazz Industries Factory in Blue Skies Industrial Park makes hardware equipment and tools.

Sweet Cavity[]

Sweet Cavity

Sweet Cavity

Sweet Cavity is an automotive/hardware store. It is located behind Shiny Bikes, near the bridge leading to Bullworth Academy. Its name may be a reference to the musical Sweet Charity. There is also another store in Old Bullworth Vale, behind the Yum Yum Market.

If chocolate is required during Cook's Crush, it can be taken from Fatty, who is standing with Cornelius and Melvin right in front of the store.

Town Hall[]


The Town Hall building

Town Hall Winter

The Town Hall during the winter

It is the largest and most prominent building in Bullworth, save maybe the school itself. The roof can be accessed through a series of ladders located at the back of the building. At one point in the game, Jimmy spray paints "Bullworthless" high up on the town hall. The graffiti can be seen there for the rest of the game. Also, a police officer may be found guarding the building at all times of the day.

In front of the building, there is a concrete square featuring a statue of an unknown figure. This figure may be someone important to the history of Bullworth, such as the founder, or an important mayor. However, the statue is inexplicably replaced by a Christmas tree during the third chapter.

Worn In[]

Worn In

Worn In

Worn In is the clothing store in Bullworth Town. Jimmy can access the store after being sent on an errand there by Edna in Last Minute Shopping, as well as by Ms. Philips during Here's to you Ms. Philips. However, it is possible to access the store before those missions. It is the second clothing store Jimmy encounters in the game, the School Store being the first. The name suggests that it is a store selling used clothes only. The store is run by Nicky Charles.

Like other stores in the game, it features a sign telling whether is open or closed, and it closes at 11 p.m.

Yum Yum Market[]

Main Article: Yum Yum Market[]

Yum Yum Market

Yum Yum Market in Bullworth Town

There is a Yum Yum Market location in Bullworth Town, run by Mr. Oh, who manages to be in two places at once and run the Yum Yum Market location in Old Bullworth Vale as well.

The market sells Beam Cola, eggs, flowers and chocolates. Later in the game, it sells spray paint and spud rounds. According to a sign outside the building, it also has fish on sale, and the price of the meat is reduced by 50%.

Like many other stores in the game, it features a sign telling whether it is open or closed, but just like in the case of Dragon's Wing Comics, it seems to actually be open all the time.