Bully Wiki

The following is a list of errands that Jimmy Hopkins does in Bullworth Town.

List of Errands[]

There are 9 errands in total and these are available from Chapter 2 onwards.

Prank Downtown[]

  • Character: Otto Tyler
  • Details: Otto wants Jimmy to play a prank on three adults by hitting them with water balloons
  • Location: Alley south of Police station.
  • Chapter Available: 2
  • Notes: Once this errand is completed Jimmy can make water balloons at any sink or water fountain.
  • Reward: $20.00, Water Balloons

Smoke Free[]

  • Character: Officer Ivanovich
  • Details: Officer Ivanovich does not like the fact that two Greasers are on the roof of the Oil Spill gas station, smoking cigarettes. He wants to Jimmy to clear them off while he gets some coffee.
  • Location: Gas Station
  • Chapter Available: 2
  • Reward: $15.00

Easy Drugs[]

  • Character: Handy
  • Details: Handy wants Jimmy to find some medication for him.
  • Location: Pharmacy.
  • Chapter Available: 2
  • Reward: $15.00

Lost Dog[]

  • Character: Dr. Bambillo
  • Details: Dr. Bambillo wants Jimmy to find his lost dog.
  • Location: Near Mental Dental building.
  • Chapter Available: 2
  • Reward: $15.00

Lost Dog 2[]

  • Character: Bethany Jones
  • Details: Bethany wants Jimmy to find her lost dog. The dog will be in front of the In and Out Motel. If the Bullies that spawn in the area harm the dog in any way, the errand will be failed.
  • Location: Near old movie theatre.
  • Chapter Available: 2
  • Reward: $15.00

Stolen Bike[]

  • Character: Tobias Mason
  • Details: Tobias wants Jimmy to recover a bike stolen by Omar Romero.
  • Location: Bike Shop.
  • Chapter Available: 2 (Night)
  • Reward: $15.00

Lost Jacket[]

  • Character: Algernon Papadopoulos
  • Details: Algie is upset because his jacket was stolen and wants Jimmy to find it for him.
  • Location: Between Police Station and Movie Theatre
  • Chapter Available: 3
  • Reward: $20.00

Strange Hobo[]

  • Character: Handy
  • Details: Handy asks Jimmy for some change ($1). In exchange he gives Jimmy a black cowboy hat.
  • Location: Near Easy drugs and the Dragon's Wing Comics store.
  • Chapter Available: 3
  • Reward: Black Cowboy Hat

Detective Jimmy[]

  • Character: Officer Monson
  • Details: Officer Monson wants Jimmy to take pictures of Officer Williams accepting bribes.
  • Location: In front of City Hall.
  • Chapter Available: 4
  • Reward: $25.00, Incognito Hat