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Bully Fanfiction is a term used to describe non-canonical stories and short stories written by fans of Bully. It can consist of nearly any conceivable scenario, limited only by the writer's creativity. Typical types of fanfiction include:

1. Alternate universe stories featuring canon characters (for instance, a story suggesting what might have happened if Jimmy and Gary had remained friends through the entire school year).

2. Pre-canon stories, such as a tale about Zoe's encounter with Mr. Burton, and her subsequent expulsion.

3. Mid-canon stories from an alternate perspective, such as a story about Trent and Kirby's secret date.

4. Post-canon stories, such as a description of Jimmy's reunion with his mother and stepfather, at the conclusion of their year-long honeymoon. Also, the stories of the future of the bully characters such as Jimmy becoming the mayor and marrying Zoe decades later.

5. Stories introducing a new character (sometimes based on the author) to the Bullworth universe. The new arrival is sometimes (though not always) what is known as a "Mary Sue", or a character with no discernable flaws: superior intelligence, superior sex appeal, incredible fighting skills, et cetera.

6. Novelization of the game, where the author writes the events of the game as prose. Canon is usually adhered to closely in novelizations.


For more information on fanfiction, see wikipedia:Fanfiction. Fanfiction can be ideas for a sequel of Bully. It can also be stories of the future of the characters.

The nature of Bully fanfiction[]

Bully fanfiction usually contains a mixture of characters from the game and original characters, many of which are self-inserts (as mentioned in #5, above). Slashfic (stories featuring romances between individuals, most often of the same gender) is also very common.

Often, a character trait introduced in a well-written piece of fanfiction is reproduced in other fanfiction, even if it is not strictly canon. For example, Trent Northwick is often depicted as being a serial molester of new girls and having horrible tobacco mouth from smoking, and Peanut Romano is frequently depicted as weak and helpless and reliant on Johnny Vincent for protection, often for the purposes of slashfic. Kirby Olsen is almost always depicted as having a homosexual relationship with Trent or another bisexual boy.

Fanfic ratings can vary wildly. Some fanfic is written more in the style of Grand Theft Auto, containing gang battles, gun fights, and people getting killed. Others may depict more realistic mature issues that were never introduced, such as drug use. Most Bully fanfic posted on Fanfiction.net is limited to T rating due to the rules of the site.

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