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The Bully Soundtrack is all of the music included in Bully, and is heavily featured, but not mentioned. All of the music was composed by Shawn Lee. The Soundtrack consists of 26 songs in total.

Songs in Soundtrack[]

  1. 'Bully Main Theme'
  2. 'Panty Raid'
  3. 'Here's to you Ms. Philips'
  4. 'Punishment'
  5. 'Help Gary'
  6. 'Comic Klepto'
  7. 'Beach Rumble'
  8. 'Chase Adult'
  9. 'Chase Prefects'
  10. 'Sneaking On A Date'
  11. 'Defender Of The Castle'
  12. 'Vendetta Nerds'
  13. 'Vendetta Greasers'
  14. 'Vendetta Preps'
  15. 'Bully's Fight Song'
  16. 'Cheating Time'
  17. 'Defend Bucky'
  18. 'Chase Police'
  19. 'Hattrick vs. Galloway'
  20. 'Shop Class'
  21. 'Russell in the Hole'
  22. 'Vendetta Jocks'
  23. 'Fighting Johnny Vincent'
  24. 'Vendetta Dropouts'
  25. 'Final Showdown'
  26. 'Carnival Date'
  27. 'School's Out'
  28. 'Welcome To Bullworth'


  • #11 "Defender Of The Castle" has two versions.
  • #11 "Defender Of The Castle" sounds a little similar to Spongebob Squarepants' Production Music "Agent Woodrow" and "Chill Out" in the first 2 notes.
  • #12 "Vendetta Nerds" features Casio VL-1's preset drum rhythm "Rock-1" which is known for its use in Trio's hit "Da, Da, Da".
  • #13 "Vendetta Greasers" features a drum rhythm similar to the one used in the song Play For Today by The Cure.
  • #14 "Vendetta Preps" is very similar to the song Billie Jean by Michael Jackson (Also confirmed by Shawn Lee himself).
  • #23 "Fighting Johnny Vincent" uses a common Boogie-Woogie bass pattern called "The Walking Bass" in the guitar riff as a main theme, famously known in the 1945 song "Caldonia" by Louis Jordan and His Tympany Five.
  • #28 "Welcome to Bullworth" draws inspiration from "Suspiria", the theme of the 1977 Dario Argento Italian horror film by the same name. Interestingly, the plot of the film revolves around an American student that transfers to a German school where she discovers something sinister is lurking within the school. On September 24, 2022, Shawn Lee confirmed that the track was inspired by Suspiria.[1]
  • The Bully Soundtrack was once nominated for best original soundtrack award by the website Gamespot.
  • "The Setup" and "English Class" are missing, making the commercial releases of the OST incomplete.
  •  The in-game version of the tracks are played using a single speaker. Meaning, that the sounds from one speaker replaces the audio in the other, making the song basically a mono track in the form of stereo. In the original Bully, the music was played using the sound from the right speaker and in the newer versions, the music is played with sounds from the left speaker.


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