Competence is required is a rule on Bully Wiki, stating that as a last resort, editors who are persistently unable to edit constructively or get along with other users risk losing editing privileges.

A note to new users

People new to Bully Wiki have expressed concerns that this page is intimidating and can be discouraging for new people wanting to edit here.

PLEASE, don't be upset or intimidated by this rule. We welcome new users, and we very, very rarely block for mistakes - as in, in this wiki's over 10 year lifespan only 4 editors have been blocked for incompetence of any kind. However, it is occasionally necessary to have a rule like this as an "at wit's end" measure.

What incompetence is

Incompetent editing is editing that provides no benefit to the wiki, only a mess for others to clean up. It may take the following forms, although it is not necessarily limited to them.

  • Persistently adding poor or incorrect information to the wiki.
  • Edits that are consistently written in grammatically and mechanically poor language.
  • Inability to properly use wiki formatting after instruction.
  • Inability to comprehend the rules after instruction.
  • Social incompetence - unable to interact without causing undue stress to others.
  • Refusal to communicate. There are edit summaries, article talk pages, and user talk pages.

What incompetence is not

  • Incompetence is not an editing dispute when both editors are explaining their points.
  • Incompetence is not a new user who simply doesn't know how wikis work.

Why incompetence is a blockable offense

There is no reason that the competent editors should have their workload increased by an incompetent editor who never writes anything worth keeping yet who provides them with nonsense to clean up. Wikis are for anyone to edit, but that does not mean that editing them is a right. It is still a privilege.

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