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Bif Taylor demonstrates a swirlie on Algernon Papadopoulos.

Bullying is a major aspect of the game Bully. It can refer to either the mechanics behind certain interactions between Jimmy Hopkins and other characters, and to social interactions between all sorts of characters within the game.

Jimmy's bullying[]

Jimmy has the ability to bully other students. There are several ways he can do this. The first of these is while fighting another kid. Once the opponent's health has fallen into red, Jimmy may execute a bullying move on him instead of knocking him out. The move is executed by using the interaction wheel, and selecting the red fist icon. The second way is by repeatedly insulting another kid. This is also done through the social interaction wheel; the player must select the thumbs down icon. Depending on the kid's willingness to stand up for himself and on Jimmy's skill in English, after Jimmy insults them they may cower away from him, at which point the thumbs down icon will change to the red fist icon. Jimmy can then execute the bullying move without having fought.

Another kind of bullying Jimmy can do is stuffing people into certain objects. Any object that can be used for hiding can be used for stuffing. This move is executed by grappling Jimmy's opponent and dragging them towards certain objects such as trash cans, toilets and lockers. Stuffing a kid into an object requires only pushing them up to it at which point they are automatically stuffed into said object.

If Jimmy is close to a toilet, he can try to give someone a swirlie. Executing a swirlie requires dragging them to a toilet, the same way stuffing works. However, once the characters are at the toilet, the player must complete a button mashing sequence. If the player fails to mash the button often enough, the opponent will break free and run away.

Jimmy can give male characters wedgies. To do this he must target them and get close behind them, then the wedgie is executed with the interaction wheel. Giving a wedgie does almost no damage and can be done to any male character regardless of size, so giving one to the wrong person may result in Jimmy being attacked or busted.

Lastly, Jimmy has a bullying move to stop someone from snitching on him. Only little kids and Constantinos can snitch, and Jimmy can't stop the girls from doing it. For the boys, if he's able to target them and act before they go running for a prefect, he'll push them and then hit them with a medium strength punch to the belly.

Jimmy's bullying moves[]

The particular bullying move that Jimmy executes is dependent on which skeleton the character he's bullying is rigged to. There are five different skeletons for characters Jimmy can bully: small kids, normal kids, big kids, fat kids, and little kids. Each different skeleton has a few different possible bullying animations; one is selected randomly every time the player executes a bullying move.

Bullying small kids[]

The 'small' kids are Constantinos, Ivan, Gordon, Lance, Donald, Davis, Wade, Gord, Tad, Lefty, Vance, Dan, Kirby, Duncan, Otto, Gary and Pete.

  • Indian/Chinese Burn - Jimmy twists the skin on the target's wrist in two different directions, causing a friction burn.
  • Spit Headlock - Jimmy gets them in a headlock, spits on his hand, and then rubs it in their face.
  • Hitting Yourself - Jimmy grabs both of their wrists and makes them punch themselves.

Bullying regular kids[]

The 'regular' kids are Trevor, Bucky, Cornelius, Earnest, Thad, Ethan, Tom, Trent, Troy, Bryce, Chad, Derby, Justin, Parker, Hal, Johnny, Lucky, Peanut, Ricky, Bo, Clint (aka Henry), Edgar and Jerry.

  • Arm punches - Jimmy repeatedly punches them on the upper arm with his fist.
  • Slaps - Jimmy slaps them back and forth on the face.
  • Ear twist - Jimmy twists their ear

Bullying big kids[]

The 'big' kids are Russell, Bif, Norton, Casey, Damon, Juri, Luis, Ted, Gurney, Leon and Omar.

  • Knee to the hamstring - Jimmy knees them in the back of the leg, making them stumble. This bullying move can be done twice in a row.
  • Leg trip - Jimmy puts his leg behind the other boy's legs, and pushes him over backwards.
  • Arm twist - Jimmy offers them a handshake, only to twist his arm with a wristlock.

The only bullying move Jimmy can do to Russell is the leg trip.

Bullying fat kids[]

The 'fat' kids are Algie, Fatty, Melvin, and Ray. Despite the fact that Hal is fat in appearance, he is rigged as a regular kid.

  • Wedgie - Jimmy slaps them on the ear so they turn around, then gives them a wedgie.
  • Plumbing accident - Jimmy grabs them by their front collar and threatens to punch them until they pee their pants in fright.

Bullying little kids[]

The little kids are Pedro and Sheldon.

  • Nose pinch - Jimmy twists the kids' nose and hauls him up onto his tiptoes.
  • Push and trip - Jimmy pushes the kid, who then charges. Jimmy holds him back with one hand, and then sidesteps, tripping him.

Jimmy getting bullied[]

If Jimmy's status with a clique is below 60%, members of that clique may try to bully Jimmy on sight. They will start by running up to him and insulting them. Jimmy has the option of ignoring them, which may cause them to attack, or responding to them with the interaction wheel. If Jimmy tries to back down from them, they may demand a bribe. Whether the bully demands a bribe or not seems to depend on three factors: Jimmy's standing with their clique, the character's size, and Jimmy's skill at English. Ignoring or insulting a character demanding a bribe causes them to attack Jimmy. Bribing them usually results in them putting Jimmy in a headlock and giving him a noogie before walking away and leaving him alone.

Sometimes if Jimmy starts trouble with a clique he's on good terms with, the clique members will become angry and demand a bribe, but they're more likely to just attack him.

Other characters' bullying[]

Jimmy bullied

Jimmy on the receiving end for once, compliments of Trent Northwick and Davis White.

Bullying between other students occurs all over campus constantly. It is influenced primarily by clique affiliation and location. When a character decides to bully another one, they will run up to their target. Usually they will start by insulting their target. If the victim is facing away from them they may kick them in the back of the knees knocking him down, and if the victim is carrying something they may run up, snatch it from them and then throw it at them.

Chokehold lift

Peanut choke-lifting Earnest Jones.

Most bullying ends with the victim backing down, and the two then go their separate ways. However, a bully may give the victim a noogie before walking away. The victim may not back down. This can often lead to the bully attacking. In rare cases, usually when a smaller kid tries to bully a bigger kid, the "victim" will be able to intimidate the bully. For example, if Norton wanders into the gym area and Dan tries to bully him, Norton won't be intimidated and will insult Dan back, which will usually cause Dan to back down. If Russell insults someone they will almost invariably back down regardless of clique or size.

The Non-Clique Students never bully anyone. The Nerds are usually mild mannered, but when in front of the Library they're more aggressive and will push and insult the Non-Cliques, occasionally even bullying them. The Bullies will pick on any Nerd and Non-Clique they see most of the time, but will attack them if they're near the School Parking Lot. The Preppies and Greasers are aggressive towards any other cliques who wander into their turf - outside Harrington House and outside the Auto Repair Shop respectively - but will be aggressive towards each other at all times, often starting fist fights. The Jocks are aggressive outside the Gym. Damon is particularly aggressive and will attack Nerds and, if he has a low faction standing with the Jocks, Jimmy on sight if he sees them. The Townies don't cross paths with Bullworth students often and are more likely to attack them than try to bully them, but they'll bully the hobos that loiter around Blue Skies Industrial Park.

After being bullied, the victim will take off running away from the bully, who will rarely follow them. If the player follows the victim long enough, the victim may stop running and begin crying.

Other forms of bullying can sometimes be observed around Bullworth Academy campus. Sometimes clique members will taunt a Nerd or Non-Clique by dangling a book above their head, making them jump for it. Occasionally a Nerd can be seen doing this to a Non-Clique. Students can also sometimes be seen shoving each other into objects or giving swirlies. More rarely, either a non-Nerd clique member can be seen holding a Nerd or Non-Clique off the ground with two hands, or a Prefect can be seen doing it to a clique member.

Peculiarly, if Jimmy turns the television in the Boys' Dorm off, nearby students may attempt to bully him. They will do this even if Jimmy was the one to turn the TV on, or if they weren't themselves watching the tv.

Bullying girls[]

Jimmy is able to pinch both girls and adult women on the rear end. The game considers this "harassment" rather than bullying.

At one point in the games' development it was possible for girls to be bullied just like the boys. All of them have dialogue recorded for having been bullied or given a swirlie. However, at some point the ability to bully girls was disabled. Girls automatically break grapples by kicking Jimmy in the groin, and on the rare occasions they can be goaded into fighting still run away as soon as the first strike is thrown.

There are two glitches that can be used to bully girls: the girl wedgie glitch can be used to give girls a wedgie, and the grappling a knocked out person glitch can be used to shove the girls into objects or give them swirlies.