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The "Busted" message.

Busted is used to describe the apprehension of either Jimmy or an NPC by another character.

When attempting to bust a character, authority figures initiate a grapple with whomever they're trying to bust. If Jimmy's Trouble Meter is below red level and grappled, he has 10 seconds to try and escape the authoritative figure's apprehension. The player must rapidly press an indicated button to try and break free. If he successfully breaks free, the authority figure attempting the bust is stunned for a few seconds and the Trouble Meter increases slightly. If the Trouble Meter is red, Jimmy will not be able to escape and will get busted automatically.

Other characters can be busted as well. Although they don't have a trouble meter, the game keeps track of the severity of their rule violations, and if an NPC commits a rule violation that would get Jimmy a red trouble meter, the authorities will bust them automatically. If the authority figures attempt to bust a character who is immune to grapples (i.e., Bif Taylor), that character will break free instantly from minor bust attempts. However, the severe trouble automatic bust overrides the character's immunity to grapples. The busted character is then considered Knocked Out and will say one of his/her knocked-out dialogues.

Strangely, authority figures will not attempt to apprehend female students who break the rules, unless they violate curfew or truant. Female students can also get busted by male townsfolk if they happen to slip on the student's discarded banana peal, but since this does not raise the trouble meter, this will be considered an assault, and the police will attempt to bust the male townsfolk.


Tad, busted by Dr. Slawter.


Trent, busted by Mrs. Peabody.

Prefects, Male Teachers, Female Teachers, Police, Male Townsfolk, and Orderlies are the possible authority figures. The prefects, male teachers, and police bust characters by grabbing them by the collar and tripping them backwards to the ground, then pinning them. Edna and Miss Peters also use this technique, due to them both being attached to a "Huge" skeleton. Female teachers twist a character's ear and haul them up on their tiptoes before flinging them to the ground, and Orderlies inject the character with a sedative.

Male townsfolk tackle a character to the ground and then raise their hand to flag down a policeman. If Jimmy's trouble meter is empty, this is considered an assault by nearby authority figures, and they will attempt to bust the townsman once Jimmy escapes. Female townsfolk and hobos don't attempt to bust anyone.

Depending on the authority figure or Jimmy's current location, he will be sent to different locations after being busted. If he is busted on school grounds during class hours, he will be sent to that class. If he is busted on campus during school hours but not during class, he'll be sent to the principal's office, but if he is busted a third time, he will be sent to Dr. Crabblesnitch. If he's busted after school hours (7 p.m.) and after curfew (11 p.m.), he'll be sent directly to his room in the dorm. If Jimmy is busted before 7 p.m. he will respawn in the principals' office instead of his room. If Jimmy gets busted on-campus three times outside class time and before 7 p.m., he will be assigned to detention.

If he is busted off-campus during class hours or after curfew, he'll be sent to the front gate of Bullworth Academy, otherwise he'll be sent to the nearest police station. This is the case even if he's busted by a prefect or teacher he's lured off campus.

Jimmy will also have all of his weapons confiscated, aside from his skateboard, camera, slingshot, and rubber band ball.

If Jimmy is busted by any authority figure or an adult during a mission, the mission is automatically failed. In the rare event the player is busted before doing This Is Your School, the player will instead respawn at the nurse's office, as if the player is instead Knocked Out.