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Busting In, Part I
Chapter 5
Storyline Yes
Time Before 11:00 p.m.
Location Boys' Dorm
Given by Pete
Cash None
Mission Busting In, Part II

Busting In, Part I is a storyline mission in Chapter 5.



This mission starts outside the back of the school, with Jimmy and Pete talking. Jimmy, who just got expelled, is discouraged and ready to give up, and says the fight between Bullworth and the Townies isn't his business anymore. Pete encourages him to at least see what's going on with the Townies. Deciding to go for it, Jimmy states that he'll need some back up - someone "big who doesn't hate him yet." They both immediately think of Russell.


Jimmy travels to Russell's house in Old Bullworth Vale. Somehow, Russell has stolen a police motorcycle. Jimmy has to follow him on a motorscooter. He can also bring the Go-Kart (Unlocked by completing all 8 Go-Kart Races) and use it instead. If he falls too far behind, he fails the mission.


  • Despite the fact the mission starts outside of the Boys' Dorm, the conversation Jimmy and Pete have in the cutscene takes place on the other side of Bullworth Academy.
  • Pete can be encountered in free roam immediately after the cutscene.
  • In the earlier stages of development, this mission would have Jimmy riding as a passenger on Russell's motorcycle, similar to Wrong Part of Town. Jimmy would also have to shoot off clique members who tried to pursue them.[1]

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