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The Cafeteria of Bullworth Academy.

The Cafeteria is a lunchroom in Bullworth Academy.

Location in Campus[]

Bully cafeteria

The Cafeteria is located inside the main building of Bullworth Academy left to the main stairs to the second floor. It is one of the places to go tour with Gary at the mission This Is Your School.


It is a small cafeteria where Jimmy can pick up lunch trays or plates as weapons. He also can start food fights. The cafeteria gets crowded when it's lunchtime, around 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. Random students will appear holding lunch trays at that time. Jimmy can also get food from the kitchen although he will only pick apples or bananas. Edna is the only Faculty seen there.

Food fights[]

Food fights can be started in the cafeteria. On the tables, there are baskets of fruit. Jimmy can throw the fruit at another student. The student hit may run away screaming, or throw food back. The more aggressive the student is, the more likely he is to fight back instead of running away. It's easier to start a food fight by throwing fruit at a Bully or another clique member rather than the Non-Clique Students.

The game also keeps track of how many food fights Jimmy has started.

Lunch menu[]

Monday Curiously crusty clam croquet
Tuesday Spicy tongue sandwiches
Wednesday Chicken and ketchup
Thursday Edna's famous bursting haggis
Friday Split liver pea stew surprise


  • In the kitchen, a bag of dog food is seen, indicating Edna's choice of ingredients.
  • The cafeteria itself is on a lower level then the ground floor of the school, accessed via a set of descending steps and shows up on the internal map of the school main building. As such it should be located directly located between both of the two southern exits on the main building but when outside all that is visible is an empty school yard where the cafeteria should be.
  • The cafeterias entrance is also located next to the entrance to the auditorium, both being behind the main staircase. The two rooms should therefore be side by side, however the auditorium never shows up on the map, and the cafeterias windows are located where the auditorium should be.
  • It is impossible to get Edna to leave the cafeteria. When provoked, she'll only chase Jimmy so far then returns to kitchen. Also, even when Jimmy has a full trouble meter, she won't chase him out and Prefects will show up to bust him instead.
  • Rats can also be found in the kitchen area