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Casey Harris
Clique Jocks
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Candidate
Cook's Date
Jocks Challenge
Funhouse Fun
Defender of the Castle
Nice Outfit
The Big Game
Jock Boss Fight
Cheating Time
Voice Actor Dimitri Michann
"I snuck into the girls dorm... but I got locked in the laundry room all night!"
— Casey

Casey Harris is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Jocks at Bullworth Academy. He was voiced by Dimitri Michann.

Character description[]

Casey is a big jock with slightly long blonde hair and dark blue eyes. He wears white sneakers, gray slacks, and a lettermans jacket buttoned at the bottom over a gray Bullworth T-shirt. In the winter he buttons his jacket up and wears a gray scarf. He is always wearing a blue and white baseball cap on his head which can be knocked off during a fight. He usually speaks unaccented American, but in some cutscenes he speaks in a guttural, stereotypical "stupid jock" voice.

It is possible he was named for the poem about an overconfident batter, Casey at the Bat.


Casey seems to be a bit girl crazy, but he's not very successful with them. He's also unsuccessful in English class and mentions having to retake it a third time. He's number 88 on the football team and plays fullback. He is apparently on steroids given to him by Mr. Burton. He tends to call people "buddy", regardless of whether he's being friendly or hostile towards them.

Casey seems to be a bit full of himself, as he constantly talks about how he is one of the best looking guys at Bullworth and he often claims that Lola has feelings for him, however this is most likely just wishful thinking on his part.

His father is an alcoholic.

Role in game[]

During the Halloween mission, Casey wears a devil mask and gives Jimmy a mission to throw eggs at three students. In the beta, Casey was also supposed wield a Devils Pitchfork. Which can still be accessed in the games files.

During Jocks Challenge, Casey challenges Jimmy to a game of dodgeball for use of the Jock's Clubhouse. It's during the related cutscenes that he speaks in a "stupid jock" accent instead of his usual speaking voice. Multiple instances of Casey also participate in the Jock Boss Fight mission, playing as one of Ted's linemen and also making run-ins from the sidelines. Other than this he plays no individual role in any of the Chapter 4 storyline missions. In the non-storyline mission Cheating Time, he and Mandy are seen buying test answers from Justin.

Over the course of the year he gives Jimmy two errands - one to stuff kids into lockers, the other to spraypaint up Old Bullworth Vale. He can be seen in the audience during wrestling lessons in Gym class.

Deleted content[]

In Cook's Date, judging by dialogue the original plan was for various students to engage in coordinated harassment of Edna and Dr. Watts. Casey and Juri would have been among them, and have hassled them about an athlete-specific diet.