Bully Wiki
Chad Morris
Clique Preppies
Gender Male
Kissable No
Missions The Big Prank
Prep Challenge
The Eggs
Race the Vale
Beach Rumble
Tad's House
Weed Killer
Boxing Challenge
Dishonorable Fight
Wrong Part of Town
The Rumble
Complete Mayhem
Voice Actor Brandon Gill
"Like my shoes? They're genuine puppy leather."
— Chad

Chad Morris is a character in Bully, and is a member of the Preppies. He was voiced by Brandon Gill.

Character Description[]

Chad is a medium-sized black Preppie, with a black buzzcut and dark brown eyes. He wears an Aquaberry vest with dark tan slacks, a gold bracelet on his left hand, and during the winter he wears an Aquaberry sweater and an ushanka cap. His boxing outfit is emerald green with yellow trim. He has a small fencing scar on his left cheek that is more easily visible in Scholarship Edition due to the superior graphics. Like many of the Preppies, he speaks with a faux-English accent. Similarly to Gord, his accent is a lot weaker in cutscenes than it is during standard gameplay.

His right hand is always wrapped in a bandage for unknown reasons. In one of the earliest trailers, he was shown throwing punches with his taped hand, suggesting the tape may be to do with boxing. Some speculate that it covers a dog bite, as his dog Chester bites people on the wrist.

Beta preppies

The black boy on the right may be the beta version of Chad.

A character that was very likely a beta version of Chad appeared in one of the first four screenshots of Bully released. The beta character wore a royal blue sweater vest rather than an Aquaberry sweater, but he had the gold bracelet, bandaged hand, and wore the Preppies' yellow and black striped ties.


Like the other preppies, Chad is arrogant with a sense of self-importance to go with his mean streak. He seems secretly insecure about his physical appearance and comments that he has had a nosejob and that he wanted to start steroids but his father wouldn't allow it. He can be whiny at times and is often overly-dramatic, such as complaining about how his father won't bribe his biology teacher for an A. His primary redeeming trait is that he is quite fond of his dog Chester, and will physically defend him from other students. He was also unwilling to steal money from his father to buy Lola a gift.

Chad takes flute lessons, used to run track and was part of the glee club, but quit both of the latter. He also claims to know Jiu-jitsu however never uses anything similar when fighting.

Chad's parents spoil him with high quality clothing, but they do attempt to impose some limits on him. His father refused to pay for an A when Chad failed biology, and his mother refused to let him take $15,000 out of his trust fund to go on a vacation in Europe. His father owns a large conglomerate, which is probably where his family money comes from.

Role in game[]

Chad's first role in the story occurs in Halloween, where he goes to the defense of his dog Chester when Gary tries to get hold of him. He and Gord also put up a bulletin offering to hire other students who need money to do menial chores at Harrington House.

He can be seen in several cutscenes during Chapters 2 and 3. In Beach Rumble, he and Gord barge into Shiny Bikes and insult Jimmy and Ricky, then steal the aluminum-coated trophy Jimmy won during Race the Vale. He serves as an opponent in the boxing minigame, and is the one Jimmy fights first.

His biggest role in the game is in the Chapter 3 mission Wrong Part of Town. Lola, who was dating him for his money, had brought him to New Coventry. When he balked at stealing $100 from his dad to spend on her, she dumped him, saying that she was not some kind of "cheap slut." He, Jimmy and Algie had to escape New Coventry and the enraged Greasers by riding bikes back to campus. Chad and Jimmy rode the same bike, Chad pedaling while Jimmy fended off the Greasers with a slingshot, and Algie tagged along on a stolen girl's bike. As soon as he, Jimmy and Algie were safe, Chad immediately left, saying he couldn't afford to be seen with them, but that they could thank him for saving them any time they wanted.

In Chapter 5, he has a few cutscene appearances. During Complete Mayhem, he was accompanying Derby Harrington inside Harrington House.

Chad always appears in the boxing ring at the boxing club, sparring with Justin. Sometimes his standard free-roam model will appear in the club while the boxing model is in the ring.

Deleted content[]

  • During the mission Weed Killer, Justin and Tad could be heard claiming that Chad and Bryce "like to wrestle and even practice it at night" and keep them awake with the noise they make, possibly implying they are actually in a relationship.


  • During development Chad used to wear an earring on his left ear. The earring was removed from his main and winter models for unknown reasons, but is still found on his boxing model. Ironically, wearing an earring while boxing would not be allowed in real life due to potential for unnecessary injury.
  • Chad is the only non-protagonist to have mission roles and storyline appearances in every chapter.