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Challenges are a certain type of mission in Bully. Completing a challenge earns Jimmy a new save location. They appear on the map as a red star. There are five challenges in all; one for each clique excluding the Bullies.

Prep Challenge[]

Main article: Prep Challenge

First available in Chapter 2. Jimmy must play the Boxing minigame against Chad, Justin and Parker, in that order. Winning gives him a save location at the Beach House under the lighthouse. This is the only Challenge mission that must be completed to advance the game.

Nerd Challenge[]

Main article: Nerd Challenge

First available early in Chapter 3. Jimmy must play ConSumo and beat Fatty's high score of 1,010. If he wins, the nerds allow him to use the basement of the Dragon's Wing Comics store in Bullworth Town. Jimmy also earns the Bottle Rocket in all of his save locations.

Greaser Challenge[]

Main article: Greaser Challenge

Available midway through Chapter 3. The Greasers are using the Blue Balls Pool Hall in New Coventry as a hideout. Jimmy must fight them to evict them and take it over.

Jocks Challenge[]

Main article: Jocks Challenge

Available in Chapter 4. Jimmy is challenged by Casey to a game of Dodgeball against the Jocks. If Jimmy wins, the Jocks allow him to use the clubhouse on the west end of the football field.

Townie Challenge[]

Main article: Townie Challenge

Available in Chapter 5. The townies are using a small storage room in a warehouse as a hangout and Jimmy must fight to evict them and take it over.