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"Finally, everything is sorted out. More or less. I mean, I don't want to say we're going to live happily ever after or anything like that, but life is certainly going to get easier. "

Chapter 6, titled Endless Summer is the final chapter of Bully.


It is summertime, although classes remain in session. Jimmy has brought relative peace to the school, and has 100% respect with all six cliques. Since there are no further story-related missions, this chapter, as implied by the title, does not end.


Chapter 6 is a free-roam chapter in which Jimmy can finish up any non-storyline missions he has yet to complete, collect items, win races, finish up classes, play games, or do any number of the things he hasn't already done. Since he has 100% respect from everyone, there is no fighting to worry about unless Jimmy chooses to initiate it.

Seventh Chapter[]

Unused code indicates that the final chapter of Bully was originally numbered 7; Chapter 6 would have started with Go See The Principal.[1] The original Chapter 6 was probably merged with Chapter V as it might have been too short to warrant its own chapter.


  • For unknown reasons, Chapter 6 is the only chapter in the game where the chapter number displays as a standard Arabic numeral rather than a Roman numeral.
  • The weather in Chapter 6 is permanently set to sunny (i. e. there are no cloudy or rainy days). However, completing the Lawn Mowing job enables weather changes again until the player reloads the game.
  • The title of this chapter would later be the name of a trophy/achievement in Red Dead Redemption 2, another Rockstar video game. It is earned upon completing the single player campaign.
  • Faculty members will always be friendly to Jimmy if Jimmy greets to them as long as Jimmy's trouble meter is empty. However, the Prefects will still be hostile towards him unless he wears the Orderly Uniform.
  • Upon starting Chapter 6 for the first time you will have a health boost, presumably from kissing Zoe.