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"With Russell pacified, I could be forgiven for thinking my troubles at Bullworth were over. But this place is a rotten onion. Peel off one stinking layer and there's another even smellier one beneath."

Chapter II, titled Rich Kid Blues, is the second chapter of Bully. It involves Jimmy, now becoming more popular, taking on the Preppies. It takes place in late Autumn and early Winter.

Storyline Missions[]

Non-Storyline Missions[]


The chapter starts with Gord Vendome complimenting Jimmy on his fight against Russell at the end of Chapter 1, and inviting him to the Boxing Gym in Old Bullworth Vale. Jimmy is also sent out into town to run errands, and witnesses Mr. Hattrick attempt to get Mr. Galloway fired. He gets acquainted with the Preppies, successfully dates Pinky, and wins the beach house in Bullworth Vale in a boxing tournament.

Some of the Preppies, led by Tad Spencer, form a plan to egg Mr. Hattrick's house in retaliation for nearly getting Mr. Galloway fired, and, having noticed him, they ask Jimmy to provide the eggs.

As the Preppies meet Jimmy in front of Tad's house, Gary shows up. He accuses Jimmy of having said various things about Tad's family, causing the Preppies to attack him.

Now in bad standing with the Preppies, Jimmy is constantly attacked by them. He retaliates by egging Tad's house, and they retaliate by stealing a trophy that he won in a bike race. Jimmy, with the help of the Greaser Ricky, gets the trophy back. No matter how often he beats up the Preppies, however, they don't relent in their attacks on him.

Just as it has turned to winter and the first snow is coming down, Jimmy asks Pete for help. Pete points out that the abuse Jimmy has been giving the Preppies isn't any worse than what they get from their own families, and so he has to "prove he's better than their best man". He suggests that Jimmy challenge Bif Taylor to a boxing match; Jimmy does so and wins. As the Preppies stand around unsure of what to do, Derby Harrington, the leader of the Preppies, finally appears. He reminds them that being a preppy is about "breeding, nepotism and snobbery". Jimmy chases him upstairs into the bar above the boxing gym, where Derby hides behind the bar and his friends during the fight. Derby, however is forced to face Jimmy and is eventually defeated. Jimmy then forces Derby to acknowledge him as the boss.