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"I'm starting to feel pretty good about myself. I've just taken control of two of the school's worst cliques, but I know there are bigger problems just around the corner. Problems with overdeveloped pituitary glands and brains the size of peas."

Chapter IV, titled A Healthy Mind In a Healthy Body, and Other Lies, is the fourth storyline chapter of Bully. It involves Jimmy taking on the Jocks with the help of the Nerds. It takes place during the spring.

Storyline Missions[]

An unused mission was found in the data files, with another being found on a Wii prototype build of Scholarship Edition.

Non-Storyline Missions[]


The chapter starts with Jimmy and Pete talking out in front of the school, where Jimmy hurts Petey's feelings by calling him a dork. Petey literally runs into Ted Thompson and Damon West, who proceed to bully him. Jimmy runs them off and tells Petey that he has his next targets.

To take down the Jocks, Jimmy tries to enlist the help of the Nerds, but they have suddenly and mysteriously turned against him. Petey advises Jimmy to go after Earnest Jones, the Nerd Leader. Jimmy fights his way through a country area behind school down to the abandoned Observatory, where the Nerds hang out.

Winning Earnest over, Jimmy allows him to plan the assault on the Jocks. Earnest promptly gets Jimmy in trouble when he asks for risqué pictures of head cheerleader Mandy, then blows them up into full-size pictures. Jimmy also has to fend off a Jock assault on the Observatory, and save Bucky and Fatty when they tried to ambush the Jocks at the fun house at the carnival before it backfired on them. Later, Jimmy sees Mandy on the bleachers upset about the risque pictures of her. Feeling guilty, Jimmy covers them up, thus winning Mandy over.

Earnest finally comes up with a good plan - to sabotage the big football game. Jimmy steals the mascot costume and infiltrates the Jocks that way. He pees in the water cooler, puts superglue on the bench and marbles all over the field, and rigs footballs with explosives.

In the end, Jimmy unmasks and fights Ted, throwing the explosive-rigged footballs at his defenders and eventually sacking him. Petey joins him on the football field, exclaiming that now that Jimmy has beaten the Jocks in front of the entire school, he runs the place.


  • An early trailer of Bully showed the introductory cutscene to this chapter. However, in the trailer, the scene took place in the winter.