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This is a list of Characters in Bully.

Main Characters

Image Name Voice Artist

Jimmy Hopkins

Gerry Rosenthal
Gary.png Gary Smith Peter Vack
Pete.png Pete Kowalski Matt Bush


Image Name Voice Artist
Russell.png Russell Northrop Cody Melton
Davis.png Davis White Geoffrey Wigdor
Ethan.png Ethan Robinson Unknown
Tom.png Tom Gurney Connor Paolo
Trent.png Trent Northwick Jaime McAdams
Troy.png Troy Miller Evan Weinstein
Wade.png Wade Martin Matt Monroe


Image Name Voice Artist
Derby.png Derby Harrington John LaVelle
Bif.png Bif Taylor Andrew Rannells
Bryce.png Bryce Montrose Ben Levin
Chad.png Chad Morris Brandon Gill
Gord.png Gord Vendome Andrew Gehling
Justin.png Justin Vandervelde Jaesun Celebre
Parker.png Parker Ogilvie Cory Anker
Pinky.png Pinky Gauthier Kaija Matiss
Tad.png Tad Spencer Baron Vaughn


Image Name Voice Artist
Johnny.png Johnny Vincent Rocco Rosanio
Peanut.png Peanut Romano Joe Aro
Lola.png Lola Lombardi Phoebe Strole
Hal.png Hal Esposito Leonard Spinelli
Lefty.png Lefty Mancini Louie Torrellas
Lucky.png Lucky De Luca Mike Nathan
Norton.png Norton Williams Adam Chandler-Berat
Ricky.png Ricky Pucino TJ Del Reno
Vance.png Vance Medici William DeVizia


Image Name Voice Artist
Earnest.png Earnest Jones Jesse Tendler
Beatrice.png Beatrice Trudeau Caitlin Greer
Algernon.png Algernon Papadopoulos Brett Tabisel
Bucky.png Bucky Pasteur Tim Wersan
Cornelius.png Cornelius Johnson Chaz Stevens
Donald.png Donald Anderson Jimmy Walsh
Fatty.png Fatty Johnson Ryan Cotler
Melvin.png Melvin O'Connor Charlie Saxton
Thad.png Thad Carlson Kevin Cahoon


Image Name Voice Artist
Ted.png Ted Thompson Alex Cendese
Damon.png Damon West Ben Curtis
Bo.png Bo Jackson Jason Fuchs
Casey.png Casey Harris Dimitri Michann
Dan.png Dan Wilson Matt Sauerhoff
Juri.png Juri Karamazov Lloyd Floyd
Kirby.png Kirby Olsen Chris Kromer
Luis.png Luis Luna Adam Scarimbolo
Mandy.png Mandy Wiles Elena Franklin
YearbookBob.PNG Bob Tom Vergow


Image Name Voice Artist
Edgar.png Edgar Munsen Jan Milewicz
Omar.png Omar Romero James Kennedy
ClintakaHenry.png Clint (aka Henry) Justin Mortelliti
Duncan.png Duncan Adam Tetzloff
Gurney.png Gurney Dave Isaacs
Jerry.png Jerry Unknown
Leon.png Leon Lance Williams
Otto.png Otto Tyler Ian Stynes
Zoe.png Zoe Taylor Molly Fox

Non-Clique Students

Image Name Voice Artist
Angie.png Angie Ng Sue Jean Kim
Christy.png Christy Martin Maine Anders
Constantinos.png Constantinos Brakus Mathew Stadelman
Eunice.png Eunice Pound Cody Rose
Gordon.png Gordon Wakefield Unknown
Ivan.png Ivan Alexander Cohlie Brocato
Lance.png Lance Jackson Dylan Schneider
Ray.png Ray Hughes John Walker
Trevor.png Trevor Moore Adam Serwer

Little Kids

Image Name Voice Artist
Gloria.png Gloria Jackson Leah Oster
Karen.png Karen Johnson Cai Oglesby
Melody.png Melody Adams Shannon Amabile
Pedro.png Pedro De La Hoya Daniel Tay
Sheldon.png Sheldon Thompson John Magaro


Image Name Voice Artist
Seth.jpg Seth Kolbe Unknown
Edward.jpg Edward Seymour II Ryan King
Karl.jpg Karl Branting Wilhelm Lewis
Max.jpg Max MacTavish Lenny Grossi

Bullworth Academy Staff

Image Name Voice Artist
Dr. Crabblesnitch.png Dr. Crabblesnitch Ralph Gunderman
Mr. Burton.png Mr. Burton Michael Boyle
Mrs. Carvin.png Mrs. Carvin Patricia Kilgarriff
Miss Danvers.png Miss Danvers Lori Funk
Edna.png Edna Kathryn Rossetter
Mr. Galloway.png Mr. Galloway Robert Stanton
Mr. Hattrick.png Mr. Hattrick Charles Turner
Mr. Luntz.png Mr. Luntz Sean Eden
Mr. Matthews.png Mr. Matthews Milton James (uncredited)
Mrs. McRae.png Mrs. McRae Susan Blommaert
Neil.png Neil Jesse Lenat
Mrs. Peabody.png Mrs. Peabody Flo Salant
Miss Peters.png Miss Peters Saidah Ekulona
Ms. Philips.png Ms. Philips Blair Ross
Dr. Slawter.png Dr. Slawter Kurt Rhoads
Dr. Watts.png Dr. Watts Jarel Davidow
Mr. Wiggins.png Mr. Wiggins Gary Yudman


Image Name Voice Artist
120px120px Miss Abby Stephanie Hepburn
Dr. Bambillo.png Dr. Bambillo Bryan Doerries
Mr. Breckindale Unknown
Mr. Buckingham Michael Bower
Mr. Castillo Marco Rodriguez
Chuck Anthony Litton
Denny Vincent Lombardi
Mr. Doolin Howard Ross
Handy Paul Diomede
Mr. Huntingdon David White
Ms. Isaacs Tiffany Little-Canfield
Mr. Johnson Todd Pistone
Bethany Jones Lane Keough
Miss Kopke Kerry Shaw
Krakauer Walter Mueller
Mr. Martin Unknown
McInnis Unknown
Mihailovich Gregory Korostishevsky
Osbourne Unknown
Mr. Ramirez Gregory Johnson
Ms. Rushinski Franceska Clemens
Mr. Salvatore Steve Carlesi
Mr. Smith.png Mr. Smith Tom Mardirosian
Mr. Sullivan Sanford Santacroce


Image Name Voice Artist
Betty Saetha Ebans
Mr. Carmichael Douglas Keeve
Nicky Charles Roderick Covington
Tobias Mason Dennis Ostermaier
Mr. Moratti Vincenzo Sanseviero
Mr. Oh Andrew Pang
Zack Owens Adam Sietz
Stan Jon Young
Maria Theresa Kanika Looby

Police Officers

Image Name Voice Artist
OfficerIvanovich.png Officer Ivanovich Ron Reeve
OfficerMonson.png Officer Monson Mike Plant
OfficerMorrison.png Officer Morrison James Norton
OfficerWilliams.png Officer Williams Chad Coleman


Image Name Voice Artist
Gregory.png Gregory Rob Karol
Theo.png Theo Scott Smith

Carnival Folk

Image Name Voice Artist
Alfred Andy Hanley
Brandy Emire Lena
Courtney N/A
Crystal Mikki
Delilah And Jezebel.png Delilah and Jezebel Madena Parwana
Dorsey Anthony Carvalho
Drew Unknown
Freeley Anthony Macbain
Hector Jay Capozello
Paris Gaylord Rice
Lightning N/A
Zeke N/A


Image Name Voice Artist
Elf #1 Vince Parker
Elf #2 Rita Liberator
Fenwick.png Fenwick Robert Whaley
Fake Santa.png Fake Santa Sean Flaherty
Mr. Grant.png The Hobo Angus Hepburn
Mom Geneva Carr
Mr. Bubas Tony Call
Mr. Gordon Todd Susman
Mrs. Lisburn.png Mrs. Lisburn Dody Goodman
O'Rourke Tom Zurhellen
Rudy-0.png Rudy (Bum Santa) Michael Pemberton
Stepfather Michael Cullen
Mr. Svenson Pete Adler

Deleted characters

Image Name Voice actor
YearbookBob.PNG Bob Tom Vergow
Floyd Unknown
Ian Unknown
Nate Sean Morgan
Sid-0.png Sid