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Cheating Time
Chapter 5
Storyline No
Time Outside of class time, until 7:00 p.m.
Location Bullworth Academy school parking lot
Given by Mr. Galloway
Cash $60
Mission None

Cheating Time is a non-storyline mission first available during Chapter 5.

The Mission[]


Mr. Galloway is sitting by the school parking lot drinking again. Jimmy sees him and tells him to put the bottle down, and reminds him that he promised Ms. Philips to stop drinking. Galloway then tells Jimmy that Mr. Hattrick sells advance copies of his tests to the rich students, and the frustration that he gets away with things like that makes it hard to resist the bottle. Jimmy offers to go try and find proof that Hattrick is doing this.


Jimmy heads to the roof of the Autoshop. He sees Justin selling test answers to Vance and Lucky, and takes a camera snapshot of the deal taking place.

Next, he heads to the Pool side of the gymnasium and heads up into the stands. Casey and Mandy are waiting for Justin. He shows up and they exchange money for answers. Jimmy takes a picture of this deal too.

Heading back outside Jimmy climbs onto the roof of the pool building and then drops into the hidden walkway between the gym and Harrington House. Mr. Hattrick is waiting there for Justin, and Justin hands over a cut of the money he made selling the test answers.

Now, Jimmy has to take the pictures back to Mr. Galloway. By the time he gets back to the parking lot Mr. Hattrick and Dr. Crabblesnitch are both there, and Hattrick is again trying to get Galloway in trouble for his drinking. Crabblesnitch is on the verge of firing Galloway, as he explains that "morality is the most important lesson we can teach our students". Jimmy shows up just in time to give the pictures to Crabblesnitch. Crabblesnitch fires Hattrick on the spot and delivers only a warning to Galloway. Hattrick walks away dejectedly.

Jimmy can fail this mission by being seen by Justin before he has completed both sales and talked to Hattrick, or by attacking Mr. Galloway. If he speaks to Justin after Justin has talked to Hattrick, Justin attacks immediately.


  • Even after being fired in this mission, Jimmy can still attend Mr. Hattrick's Math classes (available only in Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition).
  • If the player attacks Mr. Galloway, the mission will fail, and he will fight Jimmy, but he doesn't attack him.
  • Unused lines of dialogue suggest that Mr. Hattrick was meant to have sold the test answers directly to his customers instead.

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