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Chemistry set inside Jimmy's room.

The Chemistry set is a game mechanic in Bully that is unlocked upon completing Chemistry 1. The set is located in Jimmy's room in the Boys' Dorm by the window. Jimmy can produce a variety of weapons using the set depending on how many Chemistry classes he has passed. Such weapons include firecrackers, stink bombs, and itching powder. Prior to Chemistry 5, Jimmy can only use the set once a time per day and must wait until he wakes up in order to use it again. Once Jimmy passes Chemistry 5, he can use his chem set for an unlimited amount.

The chem set is visible by its smoke, fire, and bright color. Before Chemistry 5, Jimmy's usage of the set is limited for once per day and after he uses it, the set's color disappears and the smoking stops until the following morning. Beginning with Chapter 4, if Jimmy is equipped with a bottle rocket launcher with spent ammo, he can use the chem set to produce more rockets. This also works with the Spud Gun in which Jimmy can add more ammunition.

Class Reward
Chemistry 1 Get Fire Crackers from your chemistry set
Chemistry 2 Get Stink Bombs from your chemistry set
Chemistry 3 Get Itching Powder from your chemistry set
Chemistry 4 Get full inventory of items instead of half
Chemistry 5 Use the chemistry set as many times per day as Jimmy wants


  • Another chem set can be found in the interior of the chemistry class that can only be accessed via a hex editor. If Jimmy is able to enter the Chemistry classroom using mods, he may also produce new weapons with the set. The set is slightly different from the one in Jimmy's room but functions equivalently. Depending on how many Chemistry classes Jimmy has completed, his usage may or may not be limited.