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Gender Male
Voice Actor Anthony Litton
"Kids are kids, y'know? They just need time to... iron themselves out."
— Chuck

Chuck is a character in Bully, and is one of the Blue Skies residents. He was voiced by Anthony Litton.

Character Description[]

Chuck has dark brown hair covered by a yellow helmet and a matching beard, and a barbed wire tattoo around his bicep. He wears a tight white sleeveless shirt and jeans, with a brown tool belt around his waist. During winter, he adds a navy blue jacket to his outfit.


Chuck speaks in a fairly strong Irish accent.

Chuck is a lifelong blue collar worker, and regrets that he didn't get a good education. He's deeply devoted to his family, particularly his children. His view on boys and children in general seems to be very lenient, as he advocates letting them have at it and work through their teenage years their own way, and believes in boys will be boys. He also doesn't understand why people are cold and uncaring towards each other, and thinks life would be better if people were nicer and more respectful. He sometimes speaks of the seasons, speaking more highly of spring and fall.

Role in game[]

In Bully, Chuck has no individual role in the game.

In Scholarship Edition, he is one of the five bike riders in The Collector, and Jimmy can steal his bike for Clint (aka Henry).