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Class Schedule in Scholarship Edition

This page gives the class schedule in Bully, Bully: Scholarship Edition, and Bully: Anniversary Edition. Jimmy only takes two classes a day: one from 9:30 am to 11:30 am, and another from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Classes are marked on the minimap as an orange bell (if they haven't been passed yet). The player can actually go to class starting with 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, respectively, but he can also arrive up to a half hour before the class starts without any consequences, but if class starts before he enters the classroom, he is truant and authority figures will chase him down and send him to class if they catch him.

Classes repeat on a two-, three- or five-day cycle, depending on how many classes have been unlocked during gameplay and the version of the game that is played. There are no weekends, but certain days, such as Christmas, are days off. The player is also unable to take any classes once they're expelled after the mission Go See The Principal. After the last storyline mission of the game is completed, Jimmy is reinstated into the Academy and classes can once again be taken like normal. Once a class is passed, the orange bell on the minimap will turn grey, signifying that the class may be skipped without incurring a truancy violation. The grey bell won't appear in the case of the Gym and Photography classes.

It is worth noting that some classes are easier to pass than others due to the teachers being more lenient. This is especially true of English, Art, Music, and Geography. During the rest of the classes, the teachers will only let Jimmy pass the class if he completes all the tasks or most of them.


Time in Bully is divided into three days, each with one morning and one afternoon class.

Day Three is not unlocked until Chapter 2 starts, and Photography class is not unlocked until the Hattrick vs. Galloway mission is completed.


Day 2[]

Day 3[]

Bully: Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition[]

This section features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. These features are not available on the original version of the game.

Scholarship Edition and Anniversary Edition add the Math, Geography, Biology and Music classes to the game, expanding the class schedule from three to five days per week.

Day 1[]

Day 2[]

Day 3[]

When Chapter 2 starts, 4 more classes are added. Photography still requires the completion of Hattrick vs. Galloway to be unlocked. Photography 3-5 require New Coventry to be unlocked in Chapter 3.

Day 4[]

Day 5[]