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Classes are minigames in all Bully versions that are playable inside Bullworth Academy campus.


In the original Bully (PlayStation 2) version, there are six classes; Chemistry, English, Art, Gym, Shop, and lastly Photography. In Scholarship and Anniversary editions adds four more classes to play; Biology, Music, Geography, and Math.

There are no days off or weekends in the game, meaning that each day will offer a set of two classes each day. The only time where classes are unavailable to Jimmy is after he is expelled after the mission Go See The Principal or if Jimmy passes a class, allowing that class to be replaced by free time. However, the class can still be attended.

If Jimmy decides to not attend classes, he will be cased and attempted to be busted by the Authorities. There is no consequences for not attending classes besides that.

Class schedule[]


Class schedule in Bullworth Academy. (Scholarship Edition)

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Classes in the morning start from 9:00am to 11:30am, and classes in the afternoon start at 1:00pm to 3:30pm. Failing to be present at a class that Jimmy hasn't passed before 9:30am and 1:30pm respectively is considered truancy.


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Chemistry is the first minigame class taught by Dr. Watts. It involves the player pushing specific buttons as they pass through the box on the screen. The five chemistry classes occur during the mornings and give the player greater access to weapons at the chemistry set in Jimmy's dorm room.


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English is one of the minigame classes taught by Mr. Galloway. The player is given six jumbled letters, and must arrange the letters in the jumble to form as many words of three or more letters as they can.


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Art is one of the minigame classes taught by Ms. Philips. Completing art class unlocks and upgrades Jimmy's ability to kiss other female students.


Gym class--article image
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Gym is a class taught by Mr. Burton at Bullworth Academy. Jimmy does two activities during Gym class; wrestling and dodgeball.


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Shop is one of the minigame classes taught by Neil. Shop becomes available once Chapter 2 starts. Jimmy is relegated to working on bikes because, as Neil says, "Cars are for seniors. You gotta walk before you can run, boyo". The only other students that can be seen attending the class aside from Jimmy are Greasers.


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Photography is one of the minigame classes also taught by Ms. Philips, same teacher from Art class. Jimmy must have the camera obtained by passing the mission Hattrick vs. Galloway before he can attend class.

Scholarship/Anniversary Edition exclusives[]

This section features content exclusive to the Scholarship and Anniversary editions of Bully. These features are not available on the original version of the game.


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Biology is one of the minigame classes taught by Dr. Slawter. Biology classes involve the player dissecting various dead animals, using pins (to secure the specimen), a scalpel (to cut), a magnifying glass (to identify organs) and forceps (to remove organs and place them in a petri dish).


Music class
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Music is one of the minigame classes taught by Miss Peters.


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Geography is one of the minigame classes taught by Mr. Matthews.


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Math is one of the minigame classes taught by Mr. Hattrick.