There are many choices of clothes the player can dress Jimmy in. They do not have much effect on gameplay, but some clothes can affect how the other characters interact with him during free roam as well as the ability for authority to see him after he breaks the rules.

Information[edit | edit source]

Jimmy starts the game with a casual outfit and can change his clothes at any point by opening any wardrobe or locker with the hanger symbol marking the floor in front of it. The places that Jimmy can obtain clothing from is listed as follows:

The Jock Clubhouse does not have a functioning wardrobe. Although a physical wardrobe can be found there, it is missing the hanger symbol and cannot be used to change clothes.

Uniform[edit | edit source]

Main article: School Uniform

Clothing Locations[edit | edit source]

Name Description Location
Student Lockers Clothing can be obtained with out having to pay for it by breaking into student lockers. In the Main School building as well as the Gym locker rooms.
School Store A small store selling school clothing at affordable prices. Managed by Mr. Luntz. Main Building, Bullworth Academy
Worn In Middle range clothing store specializing on urban wear. Items sold at moderately low pricing. Managed by Nicky Charles. Southeastern end of Bullworth Town, near Town Hall.
Aquaberry A store selling clothing catered to preppy tastes at expensive prices At the top of the outdoor shopping plaza in Old Bullworth Vale, near the Vale Hotel. Managed by Mr. Carmichael.
The Final Cut A store in New Coventry selling moderately priced clothing tailored for punks. Managed by Betty. Near the Police Station.
Unlockable Clothing By completing certain tasks such as classes, errands, etc. will give you clothing. Will become available in Wardrobe once task is completed.
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