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Crystal 1
Clique Carnival Folk
Gender Female
Kissable No
Voice Actor Mikki
"I'm not calling the cops! I’ll bust you myself!"
— Crystal

Crystal is a character in Bully, and is one of the workers at Billy Crane's Traveling Carnival. She was voiced by Mikki.

Character Description[]

Crystal is a middle aged woman. Although she is still reasonably attractive, she has a bit of a weathered appearance. She's darkly tanned, slim, and wears white jeans and a pink spaghetti-string belly top. She has a few tattoos and blonde hair cut somewhat short. In the winter she replaces the belly shirt with a shirt of the same color and adds denim jacket to her outfit.


She makes a few mentions of horoscopes, which suggest she's into astrology.

Role in game[]

Crystal can be seen manning the Go-Kart ticket booth, the Shooting Range and the High Striker.